College/University Representative Visits

Questions to Ask College Representatives

Tell me about your Programs

  • Do you offer my major?
  • Is my degree program accredited?
  • What other programs do you offer that will support my major?
  • Can I enroll part-time?
  • Are there internship opportunities available on campus or in the community?
  • Do you have an honors program?

How much does your college cost?

  • What are the costs of tuition and registration fees, books and supplies, housing, parking, etc?
  • When do I pay those fees?
  • Do I have to send a deposit to confirm my intention to enroll?  How much?
  • What are the chances fees will increase and when will I know?

Is Financial Aid Available?

  • What kinds of financial assistance are available?
  • When and how do I apply for financial aid? 
  • Do I apply for campus Scholarships separately?
  • Are there special kinds of assistance for students from certain ethnic minorities, low income groups or first generation students (such as EOP or TRIO).  If so how do I apply for these programs?
  • Is it easy to get a part-time job on campus or in the community?

Will I be eligible for admissions?

  • What are you admission requirements for transfer students?
  • Will a course in which I received a 'D' count?
  • Will my credits from my community college transfer?

How do I apply for admissions?

  • Where, when and how can I get an application?  does your college have online applications?
  • When can I first apply?  What is your application deadline?
  • When will I be notified if I have been admitted?
  • Is my major impacted?  If I am not accepted to my major, what are the options? 
  • How do I make arrangements to talk with someone further about your college?
  • Do you have open house programs for prospective students?
  • What else do I need to know?