Transfer Terms

Articulation Agreements

Official transfer agreements between North Idaho College and certain transfer institutions. Articulation takes the form of major preparation, general education, and course-to-course agreements.

Bachelors Degree

The diploma awarded to an undergraduate that has completed all of the graduation requirements of a college/or university. Students attending a community college and our working towards their Associates degree will typical complete the first half of a bachelors degree.

Elective Course

A course which is not specifically required for general education or your major, but may be taken for credit towards total credits required for graduation.

General Education/Core Requirements

A specific group of courses taken outside of a student's major to meet the need for broad knowledge of the world and to satisfy either North Idaho College degree requirements or requirements for a students transfer institution.

Impacted Major/High Demand Major

When the number of applications received is expected to be larger than the number of spaces available for the major, additional criteria are then required for admissions to these programs. Typically students must apply during a specific time period and there may be course and GPA requirements as well. If your intended major is impacted or in high demand be sure to check with your transfer institution.


A specific course of study that is the focus of the undergraduate degree emphasizing one specific discipline.


Additional coursework in a specific discipline other than the declared major, usually related to the major, but not always.

Quarter System

The division of the academic year into four equal. Some transfer institutions run on a quarter system. Be sure to research your transfer institution as it may effect application deadline and class start times.

Subject Credit

When completing a course after the maximum credits allowable for transfer, a student can earn credit for the completion of the specific course, yet receive no additional credits towards graduation.


The official historical record of a student's high school and/or college work.

Undergraduate Lower Division Courses

Lower division courses will consist of lower division general education core as well as your major preparation courses. Most if not all of these courses may be taken at North Idaho College.

Undergraduate Upper Division Courses

Upper division courses are 300 and 400 level courses. These courses are typically taken at the transfer institution. Course concentration will mainly be in your academic major, however you may be required to take some upper division general education courses to complete graduation requirements.