Campus Security - Biohazards

Biohazardous agents are bacteria, viruses, or parasites which cause disease. The agents most likely to be encountered will be body fluids such as blood, vomit, or semen. If human blood and/or body fluids are encountered:


  • Contact your supervisor and notify facilities Operations and 769-3413. After hours notify Campus Security at 769-3310.

  • Secure the area to the best of your ability without touching anything contaminated. A trained staff member will assess the need for clean-up.

  • If direct skin contact with blood/body fluids does occur, immediately wash the affected skin with hot water and soap, and report it to your supervisor.

  • If the skin area is intact (no cuts, abrasions, etc.) this not considered and “exposure” and there is no danger of being infected with a pathogen.

  • If the affected skin area does have cuts, abrasions, etc., a post-exposure evaluation should be performed immediately.

  • Campus personnel who injure themselves and cause a blood spill should clean up the spill themselves, if possible, with a 10 percent bleach solution.

  • Complete an Incident Report form for any accident or injury, no matter how slight and forward it within 24 house of Facilities Operations or Campus Security.