Deaf/HoH & Support Staff Accommodation Info

The following information is provided for students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing or who may have other disabilities. These students may request accommodations through the use of Support Staff or use of an FM system to receive access to classroom information. 


Support Staff and Deaf/HoH accommodations include:

C-Print Captioning

   An introduction to C-Print/Typewell/CART 

FM System

   Video on how to optimize use of the FM System

Lab Assistants


   Powerpoint on How to Take Better Notes



Sign Language Interpreters 

   Student Information on Working with Interpreters


Please note:
Documentation verifying the need for accommodations is required for approval. Requests must be made every semester you are enrolled at NIC and want accommodations.

You must provide a minimum of 10 working days notice to the Access Specialist/Support Coordinator for accommodations to be scheduled. You are also responsible to sign the appropriate contracts to receive services. (You may schedule  and sign contracts when you request accommodations.)

You must notify the Access Specialist/Support Coordinator if:

1) You are going to be absent from class or from an accommodation appointment.
Please do so as early as possible.

2) You no longer need/want your accommodations.
This will not prevent you from receiving future accommodations.