The People We Serve

The Center for New Directions was established in 1981 at North Idaho College as a counseling program for single parents and displaced homemakers.

Throughout the years, the Center has expanded its services to any individuals in transition who want to explore their educational and career options and make life changes. Whether they attend our classes to gain new information on a variety of topics or take advantage of our in-depth career counseling services, The Center counselors are here to assist in the process.

Our professionally trained staff knows how to provide the right blend of guidance and understanding. Since the Center opened, it has served thousands of individuals through career counseling, support groups, workshops, etc.

If you are divorced, widowed, a single parent, a career-changer, want to upgrade your skills, have been out of school or the job market for some time, are not certain what you want to take in school or what you want to be when you "grow up," The Center for New Directions is the right place to begin...

Community Connections

The Center has an excellent reputation with employers in the community for the services it provides.