College Skills Division

Math ClassThe College Skills Division supports student success, teaching excellence and lifelong learning by providing a diverse range of class offerings and a wide array of resources to support students as independent learners. Assistance is available for a variety of learning styles and abilities. The CSC faculty and staff are here to help!

College Skills Courses Include:

  • CSC 013 ~  Reading Comprehension & Vocabulary Development
    CSC 013 is designed to enhance reading and vocabulary skills with an emphasis on comprehension of expressed and implied main ideas. The course also focuses on developing vocabulary skills including contextual clues, synonyms, antonyms, and affixes. Enrollment is based on a COMPASS score of 61-80. This class does not fulfill degree requirements.

  • CSC 043 ~  Reading in Applied Technology
    This course is an open-entry, open-exit course designed to improve reading skills for technical materials. This course emphasized learning for critical and efficient reading, including reading for information, following directions, critical reading, checking information, drawing conclusions, vocabulary, and understanding graphics in technical materials. Enrollment is based on a COMPASS score between 61-80.

  • CSC 100 ~  College Transition
    This course is designed to provide the student with a general introduction and transition to the college experience. It will assist students in developing a meaningful education plan in accordance with their personal values, needs, and career goals. Specifically, this class will orient students to the processes, resources, and multiple services available at North Idaho College.

  • CSC 104 ~  College Reading
    CSC 104 is a college level reading class designed for the skilled reader who would like to learn strategies for improving reading comprehension, enhancing textbook reading skills, and developing flexible reading rates. Reading techniques are applied to reading assignments in content areas such as sciences, social sciences, and humanities. This course is taught using lecture, computer aided instruction, and small group participation.

  • CSC 105 ~  College Study Skills
    This course provides instruction and practical study techniques essential for academic success. This course emphasizes managing time, taking notes, reading textbooks efficiently, and preparing for and taking exams.

  • CSC 106 ~  College Internet Skills
    This course covers the basics of taking an interactive course via the Internet. The student will learn how to use WebCt Vista for Internet classes. This involves developing skills concerning the use of e-mail, online discussion boards, world wide web access, equipment needs, and navigating an online course. Additionally, the student will analyze the difference between online and traditional courses to evaluate his or her learning style in order to develop good academic skills to succeed in online classes. This class provides an excellent opportunity to learn how to navigate classes on WebCt before taking an Internet class.

  • CSC 107 ~  College Educational Technology
    This course is designed to introduce students to Dragon Naturally Speaking Voice Recognition software and Kurzweil 3000 scan and read software. Following the introduction of both programs, students will have the choice of focusing on the one program that best meets their needs and interests.

  • MATH 015 ~ Basic Mathematics
    MATH 015 is an introduction to operations of whole numbers, fractions, ratios and proportions, decimals, percents, positive and negative integers, and geometry. This course format includes informal lecture with instructor assistance. Students are assisted in developing mathematical proficiency in basic computational skills areas required for pre-college level math courses.