As you think about the career opportunities a philosophy major provides, we ask you to consider the following; what professional or career skills will I gain, why and how are these skills valuable and what types of employment will be open to me?

A major in philosophy provides the finest in a liberal arts education which will help you gain basic skills in critical thinking, argumentation, communication, information management, design and planning, research and investigation, and management and administration. These skills are absolutely essential for success in virtually every career path, especially in today's information age.  Career related skills include the following: critical thinking skills, argument skills, communication skills, information management skills, design and planning skills, research and investigation skills, and management and administration skills.

The Philosophy program at North Idaho College provides excellent preparation for most professions or fields of graduate study, especially business, law, medicine, public administration, and education.  Completion of the required courses at NIC results in an associate degree and meets the general core requirements at all Idaho public universities.

Philosophy faculty at NIC - click on name below to see faculty information and their class/office schedule:

Bruce Beerman

Tom Flint

John Jensen

Ed Kaitz

Magne Kristiansen

Michelle Lippert

Pat Lippert

Laura Templeman