Bills & Resolutions

Resolutions may now be found attached to the ASNIC Board Meeting Minutes

Resolutions 2014

Resolution 304 FY15 Budget 

Resolution 303 Athletic Conference Change 

Resolution 302 President's Cabinet Meetings

Resolution 301 Senator Abrams Induction

Resolution 300 ASNIC Response to Idaho State Bill No. 1254

Resolution 299 Senator Fink Induction 

Resolution 298 Senator Luckey Induction

Resolution 297 Resignations of Senators

Resolution 296 Cardinal Corner

Resolutions 2013

Resolution 295 Senator Resignation

Resolution 294 Board Meeting Date Change

Resolution 293 Tuition & Fees Transparency 

Resolution 292 Study Lab/Laptop check out Facility

Resolution 291 Add/Drop/Withdrawal Discussion

Resolution 290 Intercultural Center Endorsement

Resolution 289 Game Days 

Resolution 288 Communications Central

Resolution 287 Student Talent Showcase 

Resolution 286 Full-Spectrum Lighting Study Area Project

Resolution 285 Update of Degrees offered at NIC

Resolution 284 Senator Induction Jordann Doler

Resolution 283 2013-2014 ASNIC Board Goals

Resolution 282 Voice of the Students Project

Resolution 281 Calculators for College Skills Center

Resolution 280 ASNIC Fund Allocation to Intra-Club Council (ICC)

Resolution 279 Recreation Center Endorsement Statement

Resolution 278 Senator Induction Robert Mertens

Resolution 277 Senator Induction Nehemiah Musonda

Resolution 276 Diversity Center Endorsement

Resolution 275 Campus Sustainability Committee

Resolution 274 Student Union Advisory Board

Resolution 271 Senator Induction Olivia Burkett

Resolution 270 Children's Center Funding

Resolution 269 Board Members Resignations