Staff Assembly Meeting

March 14, 2013 at 2:00 pm

Driftwood Bay Room, Edminster SUB



Call to Order:


Approval of Minutes:

New Employee Introductions:


Guest Speakers:


·        Maureen Steinel:  Sustainability Conference March 19th

·        Evanlene Melting Tallow:  American Indian Heritage Week, April 8th-13th



·        Senate--Jon Totten

·        Board Meeting--Garry Stark


·        Employee Day Review (Erin Norvell)

·        Poverty Simulation April 23 (Erin Norvell)

·        Accreditation Visit March 25-27 (Garry Stark)

·        Cardinal Connections March 25 & April 22 (Garry Stark)

·        Update on Committees (Garry Stark)

·        Staff Sabbatical Award (Nancy Edwards)

·        Election of Officers (Nancy Edwards)

·        Staff Appreciation Awards (Nancy Edwards)



Good of the Order: