Admissions Checklist

Submit Placement Scores or Take Placement Assessments

If you haven’t taken the SAT/ACT or a Placement Assessment within the last two years or if you have not taken and received college credit for Math and/or English at another college/university, then you will need to take the Math & English Placement Assessments.

Schedule the Placement Assessments here

Assessment scores are used strictly for placement into Math and English courses and do not determine whether or not a student will be accepted into NIC.

Photo ID is required for all testing.

Study items for the math portion can be found at:

The Admissions Office will mail you information about how to sign up for the Placement Assessments upon processing your application for admission.

The English Placement Assessment can be taken on any computer with internet access. The Math Placement Assessment is administered at the NIC Testing Center located on the 2nd floor of the Molstead Library (building 23 on the campus map).

If you are at a distance, you can schedule your Math Placement Assessment at a local college/university near you or at one of NIC's outreach centers. You will need to ensure that the school sends your scores to the NIC Admissions Office.