Adult Learners

Tips For Adult Learners

  1. If you have not attended college previously or have been out of college a while you may want to consider taking a college skills class.
    • Transition to College
    • Study Skills
    • Computer Use
  2. Utilize the services available to help you succeed in the classroom:
    • College Skills Center [Lee-Kildow Hall] - Peer Tutoring, math assistance from instructors
    • Writing Center [Lee Hall Annex] - Writing and foreign language help
    • Center for Educational Access [Seiter Hall] - For students with disabilities
    • Children’s Center [Lakeside Center]
    • Computer Labs [2nd floor of Molstead Library] - Has a family/collaboration room where students can bring there children.
    • Molestead Library
    • TRIO Student Support Services [Lee-Kildow Hall]
  3. Know when the deadlines are: