Course Descriptions



Building Science

Credit(s): 3

This course considers and studies building structures as complete systems that can be built to perform predictably. Classroom time will cover issues surrounding building science, including but not limited to types and strengths of construction materials, insulation, ventilation, rating and testing programs for building sustainability and livability and "green" building best practices. Special attention is paid to required codes and construction techniques as they apply to the carpentry program's class project, NIC's annual "Really Big Raffle" house. The laboratory component of CARP-154 will reinforce classroom building science theory with activities that center around completing the building envelope, including siding and window installation, air-infiltration sealing, and making way for professional subcontractors hired to complete the main house systems. Students will have ample opportunity to plan, observe and participate in all testing and inspection procedures, as well as work alongside the hired subs as the "building science" specific to the raffle house progresses. Classroom topics will closely precede/follow the actual activities and projects at the project house. Note: This course is open to all students with instructor permission.
Corequisites: CARP-155, CARP-156, CARP-157, CARP-158