Course Descriptions



Advanced Welding Theory II

Credit(s): 3

This course is a continuation of WELD 225 and includes further discussion on the problems associated with heating and cooling metals and the properties of a variety of metals used in the welding process. Students will gain a working knowledge of fabrication techniques and manufacturing processes of the metals used in welding. Characteristics of the traditional welding and bonding agents used in welding will be provided to give students a background on metal identification, metallurgical behaviors, and the determination of weldability of ferrous and nonferrous metals. This course will also teach students basic GTAW methods and theory on this gauge meld steel, stainless steel, and aluminum in all positions using both direct and alternating current. Equipment setup and adjustment will be emphasized to match with welding applications.
Prerequisites: WELD-100B, WELD-131, WELD-182L, WELD-197L, WELD-225, WELD-226, WELD-281L
Corequisites: WELD-228, WELD-291L