Course Descriptions



Computational Skills for Alllied Health

Credit(s): 3

MATH 102 includes instruction in systems of measurement (including metric and apothecary); conversions; reductions; dimension analysis; interpreting drug orders and labels; calculating oral, pareenteral, and pediatric dosages; intravenous (IV) and advanced IV calculations; ratios and proportions; solving linear equations, formulas, and solution; and mixture problems. MATH 102 does not satisfy the core math requirement for the A.A. or A.S. degrees. Lecture: 3 hours per week
Prerequisites: Entry is based on an appropriate score on the placement test, either COMPASS Algebra > 40, ACT Math > 18, SAT Math > 430, or a grade of C- or above in MATH-025, enrollment limited to Practical Nursing and Pharmacy Technician students.