Course Descriptions



Design Projects

Credit(s): 3

This course includes the development of real-life design projects under the direction and guidance of experienced graphic design professionals. Students will complete publishable projects while performing client-graphic designer interaction, design pre-production, production and marketing costs, and delivery of the project to the customer in a variety of media for different markets. Students must be responsive to client-driven deadlines. Lecture: 3 hours per week Lab: 2 hours per week
Prerequisites: Complete GDES-101, GDES-112, GDES-120, GDES-130, GDES-131, GDES-132, GDES-133, GDES-140, GDES-213, GDES-221, GDES-222, GDES-223, GDES-255, GDES-283 with a minimum grade of C- or instructor permission.