Course Descriptions



Drawing II

Credit(s): 2

ART 112 is a continuation of ART 111 with an emphasis on personal artistic expression and imagery. Students will be exposed to a variety of drawing mediums and approaches to the picture plane. Traditional, as well as contemporary trends in drawing, will be explored. The course is fundamental for the Graphic Design program, for transfer programs in fine arts and architecture, and for personal enjoyment. Lecture/Lab: 4 hours per week


Life Drawing II

Credit(s): 3

Life Drawing II offers an exploration in the artistic expression of the draped and undraped human form. Included will be drawing in various media from the model with an emphasis on personal interpretation. ART 218 offers a basis for development in any of the visual arts. The course equally accommodates the gestural artist and the technical illustrator. ART 218 or 217 are required courses in the Graphic Design program. Lecture/Lab: 5 hours per week
Prerequisites: Complete ART-111 and ART-112 with a minimum grade of C-.