Course Descriptions



Intermediate Algebra

Credit(s): 4

MATH 108 continues development of mathematical concepts beyond MATH 025 or first year high school algebra. It includes linear and quadratic equations, algebraic fractions, radicals, circles and parabolas, complex numbers, functions, and logarithms. There is an emphasis on the application of these skills. The course provides important skill building for entry into college-level math courses. Enrollment is based on placement test results. This course does not fulfill the math requirement for the A.A., A.S., or A.A.S degrees. Note: MATH 108 carries no credit if taken after successful completion of a higher numbered math course with the exception of MATH-123 or MATH-130 Lecture: 4 hours per week
Prerequisites: Entry is based on an appropriate score on the placement test, either COMPASS Algebra > 40, ACT Math > 18, SAT Math > 430, or a grade of C- or above in MATH-025.