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Introduction to Computers

Credit(s): 3

BUSA-100 is the study of computer systems and applications. This course includes computer terminology, an introduction to computer hardware, application and system software, and Internet concepts. It also includes societal issues and concerns of security, privacy, computer crime, and viruses. This course is required for the Business Administration, Business Education, and Accounting Assistant programs. It meets the computer science requirement for the A.A. degree. Lecture: 3 hours per week


Introduction to Computers for Seniors II

Credit(s): 1

This course covers intermediate understanding and use of the computer for word processing and spreadsheets and beginning presentations. This class will include a further understanding of text and graphics in Word, and understanding and using formulas and functions in Excel, and using PowerPoint templates and customizing slide shows. A hands-on class using real-world applications and uses, it is a valuable course for those who want to gain intermediate knowledge of technology. Recommended: CAOT-101


Intro to Computers & Computer Science

Credit(s): 3

CS-100 is an introduction to computers and computer science for non-computer science majors. Prior experience with computers, such as using a graphical user interface and a word processor, is recommended. Students with no prior experience will be expected to attend out-of-class labs to learn the basics of a computer. Topics include an historical perspective, evolving hardware and software, using the Internet, creating web pages, social implications, and using a modern programming language. Problem solving and algorithm development are important themes of the class. The course involves substantial use of microcomputers outside of class and the possible use of minicomputers and alternative operating systems. Lecture: 3 hours per week
Prerequisites: MATH-025 or COMPASS Algebra > 40, ACT > 18, or SAT > 430