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Introduction to UNIX

Credit(s): 2

CS 228 is offered with the primary goal of providing Computer Science majors with UNIX operating system experience to facilitate their transfer to a four-year university. It is also helpful for students who are interested in learning about the UNIX operating system which is used extensively in business and on the Internet. Course topics typically include basic command line use of the UNIX operating system; the file structure and permissions; using text editors; creating scripts; the shells, network and Internet tools; graphical environments; and an introduction to UNIX administration. Students will be expected to complete homework that may be completed on campus, on a PC or MAC using a UNIX variant, or via the Internet. Students will have accounts on a UNIX or Linux server on campus that can be accessed via the Internet. Lecture: 2 hours per week Recommended: Prior computer experience such as that gained in CS 100 including significant experience using the Internet and some programming experience is strongly recommended.