Course Descriptions



Practical Nursing Lab I

Credit(s): 6

This course correlates PN-106 theory with supervised practice in providing patient care utilizing the campus laboratory for skills practice and clinical settings such as long term care facilities, behavioral health centers, and home health agencies for actual practice. It comprises a progression of nursing skills. Lab: 21 hours per week
Corequisites: PN-106


Practical Nursing Lab II

Credit(s): 6

PN-107L correlates PN-107 theory with practice in clinical settings. Students may rotate through medical-surgical, perinatal, pediatric units, operating room, recovery room, short stay unit, minor care, EKG, respiratory therapy, clinics, and physician offices. IV therapy is included with certification. Lab: 24 hours per week
Prerequisites: Complete BIOL-175, PN-106, and PN-106L with a minimum grade of C-.
Corequisites: PN-107


Practical Nursing Laboratory III

Credit(s): 5

Supervised clinical experience takes place in various health care settings including acute care hospitals, nursing homes, and physicians' offices. Students complete a clinical preceptorship in a chosen field of interest.
Prerequisites: Complete PN-107 and PN-107L with a minimum grade of C.
Corequisites: PN-108