Course Descriptions




Credit(s): 5

MATH 147 is designed for the well-prepared mathematics student who wishes to condense the one-year sequence of MATH 143 and MATH 144 into one semester. It is the study of polynomial and rational equations, functions and their inverses, graphs, systems of equations, complex numbers, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions, identities and graphs, applications of triangles, and polar coordinates. This course prepares students for calculus courses which are required for degrees in mathematics, engineering, computer science, physics, chemistry, and others. It satisfies the mathematics requirement for the A.A., A.S., and A.A.S. degrees. Note: MATH 147 carries no credit if taken after successful completion of any higher numbered Math course with the exception of MATH-148. MATH 147 carries two credits if taken after MATH 143. Lecture: 5 hours per week
Prerequisites: Entry is based on an appropriate score on the placement test, either COMPASS Algebra > 61, ACT Math > 23, SAT Math > 540 or a grade of C- or above in MATH-108.