Course Descriptions



Race and Ethnic Relations

Credit(s): 3

This course explores the influence of race and ethnic membership in structuring social interaction and behavior amongst people in the United States. Although the primary focus is in the ethnic experience in the U.S., comparative models will also be explored to provide a framework for the American situation. A major element of the course will be an investigation of the five major ethnic groups: Native Americans, Hispanics (Latinos), African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and white Americans; with a special emphasis on the condition of Native Americans. Principal topics will include historical aspects of race and ethnicity, theoretical viewpoints, causes of ethnic conflict, racism and prejudice, psychopathology and ethnicity, focal topics (e.g. affirmative action, "reverse" discrimination, bilingual education, immigration issues) and future trends and directions. This course will be helpful for individuals seeking to work in professions or environments where they will be in contact with members of diverse ethnic and racial groups. This course fulfills a social science requirement for the A.A. and A.S. degrees or the cultural diversity requirement for the A.A. degree. Lecture: 3 hours per week