Course Descriptions



Introduction to Teaching

Credit(s): 3

EDUC 201 provides an introduction to the world of teaching by focusing on teachers, learners, curriculum, and the social context in which teaching occurs. Insight and understanding of this world will be facilitated through reflection and analysis of the student's observations and participation in 30 hours of field experience in public schools. This course is required for some transfer degrees in education. Its goals are to assist students in making an educated decision about teaching as a career choice, to develop communications and interpersonal skills, to encourage creativity and critical thinking, and to provide opportunities to examine personal values and beliefs about teaching. Prior completion of other courses is not required. Lecture: 2 hours per week Field Experience: 30 hours per semester Recommended: College-level reading, oral and written English language, and computer skills


Explorations in Education - Dual Credit Instruction Course 1

Credit(s): 1

This course provides an in-depth study of a guiding principle in k-12 education. Topics and credits will vary by semester and be determined by education faculty. Reading, critical thinking, communication and application will be core components of this course. This course is designed for certified, practicing teachers. This class is designed to connect new dual credit instructors to the North Idaho College Community. The goals of this course include establishing lines of communication between facilitators working on campus and instructors working in the high school, collecting valuable paperwork and data that improves instruction and fosters accreditation for the concurrent enrollment program, creating a learning community focused on methods of college instruction, rigor of content, and student-learning, and sharing ideas relevant to teaching, advising, and attrition of our college students.