Course Descriptions



Interdisciplinary Seminar

Credit(s): 3

Integrating a range of disciplines, including social sciences, the arts, history, literature, philosophy, and natural sciences, interdisciplinary studies courses explore issues related to community, sustainability and/or humanity's role in maintaining public and environmental health in the twenty-first century. Utilizing experiential learning, writing across the curriculum, reading, research, and special projects; students use problem-solving skills to explore these issues. This course satisfies a cultural diversity requirement for the A.A. degree or an arts and humanities requirements for the A.S. degree. Lecture: 3 hours per week Pre/Corequisite: ENGL-101
Prerequisites: Complete ENGL-101 with a minimum grade of C-.



Credit(s): 1

An internship is an off-campus experience designed to give students the opportunity to apply their chosen areas of interdisciplinary study to specific community-related or employment-related situations. Internships are overseen by a faculty member either in the interdisciplinary studies program or in one of the student's main areas of study. Eight credits maximum can be applied toward graduation. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor