Dual Credit - Counselors


North Idaho College offers many challenging classes, all taught at a faster pace than high school classes.

NIC classes typically cover as much material in one semester as most high school classes cover in one year. Often, classes require up to two hours of out-of-class study, per course credit, per week. All dual credit grades become part of a student's permanent college transcript. Students are also responsible for completing all high school graduation requirements, and have the opportunity to earn an associate's degree and high school diploma at the same time.

Generally, the college credits that dual credit students earn will transfer to all other Idaho state public colleges and universities, according to the guidelines of those institutions. To be sure the courses will transfer, students should verify with advisors at NIC and the transfer institution they plan to attend.

Test Requirements

Test scores are required for dual credit students for courses that require a score to register. If students do not have an ACT, SAT or COMPASS test score on file for a course that requires a score, they will not be able to register.


The Dual Credit Coordinator or NIC advisor may approve retesting of the COMPASS test (either partial or full) for dual credit students who have previously tested. Please call the dual credit office to request a retest form. Students must bring a completed retest form with them in order to be admitted for testing. This form is for a retest only. Students will be assessed a $10 retest fee to be paid by cash or check (payable to North Idaho College) at the time of the test.


Contact Marcy Hoggatt for individual dual credit advising. NIC Divisions have made some academic recommendations [PDF] for student success.