Sterling Silver Award

David Absher

David Abshere

Lead Lab Technician/CHO
Natural Sciences Division

Employee of the Month

“I am honored to nominate David Abshere (Abby) for the Sterling Silver Award at North Idaho College. Abby is our lead preparator and the behind-the-scenes reason for the success of our laboratory classes. He works tirelessly to make sure that our students have a quality laboratory experience. Abby also takes many of our students under his tutelage each and every semester. He not only works with them to improve their laboratory skills, but also their life skills. It is a joy to watch them grow into great young adults under his guidance. Abby is the embodiment of the NIC spirit. He spearheads our social gatherings and celebrations. Please consider one of our finest employees - David Abshere, the extra extraordinary Abby.”

Rhena Cooper - Biology Instructor - Natural Sciences Division

“I would like to recommend David Abshere to receive the Sterling Silver Award. David works really hard in the prep room ensuring that, literally hundreds of labs are prepared and ready to go for a variety of different classes each semester. Every day that I walk into lab, the lab is clean, stocked, and prepared to go for the upcoming class! In fact, I have been known to ask if he can prep some demonstration or get a piece of equipment on the fly. The answer is always, ‘Yes!’ He usually has several Work-Study students/assistants that work each semester. David takes care of his people. He takes time with the Work-Study students to get the job at hand done while teaching scientific techniques/content along the way. Each semester he makes sure that they have other resources - from study time, finding a tutor, and even a few meals! In addition, the division hosts several potlucks where David prepares the main dish and the rest of the staff supplies the side dishes. He is a great Grill Man! Always a joke and a hunting story to share with anyone who will listen.”

Karen Reeds - Biology Instructor - Natural Sciences Division

“He has been a great boss and a really nice friend.”

Malachi Dunn - Former P/T Lab Assistant, Natural Sciences Division

“I would like to enthusiastically recommend David Abshere for the Sterling Silver Award. David is directly responsible for the laboratory preparations for the following course in the Biology Department at NIC (BIOL 100, BIOL 115, BIOL 175, BIOL 202, BIOL 203, BIOL 227, BIOL 228, BIOL 241, and BIOL 250). Many of these courses have multiple sections weekly and they require a different lab setup each week as well. His due diligence and work ethic keeps these laboratories running smoothly throughout the school year. Without his excellent service to the Biology Department, we would simply not function. Therefore, I would like to see him recognized for his efforts by receiving the Sterling Silver Award. Thanks for your consideration.”

David Foster - Biology Instructor, Natural Sciences Division

“Dave is someone I look up to in a lot of ways. He is a very hard worker making sure the lab runs smoothly and we don't run out of supplies. He manages the entire lab with just Work-Study students and keeps us laughing and enjoying the work we complete. He makes sure that all the bio labs are torn down, cleaned up, and set up for the next week. Sometimes even having to do it all on his own, especially if a student needs extra time to study. He is always happy to see you, and always appreciates it when you stop by to say, ‘Hi.’”

Russell Merriman - Former Work-Study student, Natural Sciences Division

“David Abshere handles Meyer Health and Sciences Building lab prep like the professional that he is, and that alone makes him deserving of an award. At least one aspect of his job is to make my job easier (so I can focus more on teaching and less on setting up) and he does that extremely well. As an instructor, I greatly appreciate the work that Dave does. But what makes Dave not just highly competent but totally irreplaceable is the work he does with his Work-Study students. I see him putting in all sorts of time and effort not just as a good boss to these students, but as a caring mentor. He invests in their lives and challenges them to reach for more. The Natural Sciences Division, students and teachers alike, are very lucky to have Dave.”

Mike Kelly - Biology Instructor - Natural Sciences Division