Sterling Silver Award

Lisa Kellerman

Lisa Kellerman

Reference and Instruction Librarian
Molstead Library

Employee of the Month

“Lisa is an excellent candidate for the Sterling Silver Award. She's self-motivated, enthusiastic about her role in the library, and sparks her interest in all things library to patrons and to students in her classes. Her big smile warms patrons to ask for help in the library and her expertise in the library keeps them coming back.”

Skip Kuck, P/T Library Clerk/Exhibits - Library

“Lisa Kellerman is highly deserving of the Sterling Silver Award. In her short time at the library, she has helped transform the teaching of information literacy in English 102, working closely with instructors and students to help them strengthen their academic research skills. She is thorough, enthusiastic, and always goes above and beyond her regular duties to help English instructors assist students with their research projects!”

Laura Godfrey, Interim Division Chair, English Instructor - English and Humanities Division

“In her brief time at the Molstead Library, Lisa has shown an unsurpassed level of dedication and commitment to excellence: working closely with expert NIC instructors to develop innovative team-taught programs that truly help students become lifelong information-literate learners and researchers. Lisa’s infectious enthusiasm, intellectual curiosity, and deep passion for her work have really made a difference in the lives of both her students and colleagues. With a strong commitment to service, Lisa is always a patient teacher and mentor, helping students to navigate the intricacies of the research process. Further, Lisa’s energy is endless as she shares her knowledge and expertise in numerous committees, and serves as both a Faculty Senator and Vice Chair of the Senate Executive Committee. Always an involved and helpful spirit, it’s hard to imagine anyone better than Lisa to represent the values and high level of service represented by the Sterling Silver Award.”

George McAlister, Library Director - Library

“I can't think of anyone more committed to our students than Lisa. Her passion to help them succeed is apparent in everything she does - from the classes she is always enthusiastic to teach, to the students she'll stay after-hours to work with on reference and research questions. She has an endless amount of patience and empathy, which is experienced by everyone she works with. She always has a positive attitude and is determined to make each student feel important and valid. Lisa is the epitome of an exemplary employee.”

Becky Meneely, Circulation/Interlibrary Loan Supervisor - Library

“Lisa has been a wonderful addition to NIC. Soon after her arrival, she came to my office so that we could design a research session tailored to my English 102 course. She was completely open to what I wanted for this session and incorporated my requests completely. I bring my students over to the library every semester for this session, and students give very favorable feedback. Lisa is extremely personable. She has a friendly, enthusiastic, positive personality. She is definitely deserving of this award.”

Liza Wilcox, English Instructor - English and Humanities Division

“Lisa loves what she does and it reflects is how she does her job, especially when working with students and their needs. She is always positive and easy to work with, and her love of knowledge is contagious.”

Laurinda Burch, P/T Library Clerk - Library

“Before Lisa arrived at NIC, I had been taking my students to the local library in Sandpoint for database orientation because there wasn't a reasonable way to connect to Molstead Library for this purpose. Since her arrival, Lisa has been instrumental in providing information literacy support to Sandpoint students, either by coming to Sandpoint for a presentation or by connecting with students virtually via Collaborate. I am now able to direct students to the Molstead Library instead of the local public library for research needs. Lisa reaches out to faculty each semester, offering her services and asking how she might help support course goals. She has also worked to provide strong support materials for students on the library's website, many of which I use in my classes. Lisa's knowledge, patience, and enthusiasm encourage students to use scholarly databases extensively in the research process for English 102, and many more students are using the databases in my classes than ever before as a result. Thank you, Lisa!”

Amy Flint, English Instructor - English and Humanities Division

“Since joining the team at the Molstead Library last year, Reference and Instruction Librarian Lisa Kellerman has used her skills and professionalism to directly impact students across campus. She has designed and implemented a new bibliographic instruction program that is tailored to meet the research needs of students at all levels. She has personally reached out to her peers on campus to encourage them to include library research in their classes and make full use of the resources available to their students.

“Lisa has brought a new level of energy and enthusiasm to the library and its mission that pervades everything she does. She always prioritizes the needs of students and makes herself available to help them whenever possible. She is brimming with new ideas and her energy and commitment to students is infectious. Lisa has engaged with the campus community with her involvement in several faculty committees and volunteers to help out as much as possible. She is an absolutely wonderful colleague whom I feel very fortunate to work with and I am pleased to nominate her for this award so that she may receive the recognition she deserves.”

Ann Johnston, Technical Services Librarian - Library

“I'm happy to join with others to shine a light on a very special person. Lisa brings a happy, peaceful attitude to this campus every day, and that's only one of many reasons to honor her with the Sterling Silver Award. Students come with their class to the library and learn from her how to do research, enabling them to succeed at NIC and beyond. She takes such pleasure in her work and it's obvious that nothing makes her happier than to help students. That's what she's all about.”

Robin McLeod, Sr. Administrative Assistant - Library