Sterling Silver Award

Melissa Jessen

Ty Caraway

Sr. Administrative Assistant/Intake Specialist
Center for Educational Access
Employee of the Month

“I believe Ty deserves this award because of the hard work she puts into her job in Auxiliary Services and also to the work that she is not credited for—her involvement with the Residence Hall. The staff at NIC is never acknowledged by anyone but the residence life staff. She works very hard for us on and off the clock to make sure that we are taken care of. She gives up her time off to spend time with the staff and students in the Residence Hall when she could very well be doing something else. Above all, she includes us in her family and sees to it that she gets to know us. Because of these reasons, I believe that Ty truly deserves this award.”

Kendall Zacha, Resident Assistant Student, Auxiliary Services

“Ty does much more than just working in the CEA office. She always helps out with the Residence Hall staff and the problems they may encounter.”

Joseph Harris, Resident Assistant Student, Residence Hall

“I have known Ty since she moved here and I was very lucky to be able to have her work with me on the Residence Hall summer cleaning crew the first summer she was here. She always did a fantastic job and went that extra mile to make sure everything was clean, repaired, and in good shape for the camps. Ty is a person with many talents and puts them to good use in whatever area she is working in. I believe with my whole heart that Ty really deserves to be the employee of the month for all her hard work and dedication to the NIC Family.”

Rick Bayles, Custodian, Residence Hall

“I want to put it out there, that I already know that Ty is wonderful. I mean, I am married to her!  But I think it's time that people know how much she does outside of her ‘employment’ here at NIC. Since we've moved here, Ty has never missed a check-in (14). She donates her Sundays to helping the Residence Life staff get the kids into their rooms in August, and January. She is always willing to be that extra person to meet and greet, she takes on the ambassador role for CEA to those new students that just walked on campus. She is keen in helping those parents struggling, as well as helping those students that aren't sure what to do. This is a tremendous help, when the day is basically controlled chaos.

“If it wasn't enough for Ty to volunteer on her days off, but she also is a part of the community.  She has reached out to students that need a little extra support (students of color, students coming from harsh family life, etc.). She is willing to go talk one on one with these students to help give them perspective on living in the hall, living in Idaho, etc. She will be a liaison for CEA—connecting with students in the hall, when their schedules don't allow for them to get to the CEA office. She will hand-deliver equipment or paperwork. 

“Ty is also one that in really invested in the success of the RAs. She is a support person for them, she is a fantastic listener—she is the grown up that isn't their boss, but is someone they respect. Every year in August and January, she gives up her nights and weekends to help with RA training. She will be an extra body for supervision, she'll be a participant to help even out the teams, she will evaluate and judge when necessary. She is very, very invested in the success of the RA team and Res Life Staff. Ty is also a critical asset in choosing the staff. She has participated and help organize the RA Carousel, and been involved in every SRA interview process. Her input and judge of talent is immeasurable. She is a key to the success that my program has had with its staffing. She is a hard, but fair judge and I appreciate her input and dedication to the Residence Life Department.

“And it's not just all the ‘big things’ in Residence Life that Ty is involved in. She helps with programming, she helps with fire drills, she helps with mediations, coverage, she is a liaison with parents, she is an advocate for us in the CEA office, she is an advocate for CEA in the Residence Hall. All of this is done without compensation. And let me tell you, working in Residence Life my entire career, she is the exception to the rule. Most spouses are not that involved in the actual functions of the Residence Hall. They live there, they exist, they will pitch in when necessary, but nothing like what I have with Ty.  She goes well above and beyond to make this community safe, secure, and pleasant. Overall, I just want people to know that Ty is such a critical piece to our success, and no one, but us really knows how much time and energy she puts into making the Residence Hall a positive experience for our residents and staff. Please consider my recommendation for Ty to win the Sterling Silver Award. All biases aside, she really does work extra hard, and is well deserving of this award.”

Paula Czirr, Manager of Residence Life, Residence Hall

“It is an honor to nominate Ty Caraway for the Sterling Silver Award.  As the Sr. Administrative Assistant at the Center for Educational Access, Ty is usually the first person students and the public come into contact with when requesting disability services. Ty provides a warm welcome and thorough orientation for students and always goes above and beyond to assist them with intake processes. Ty is also very knowledgeable about NIC services and helps students navigate to needed services across campus. I am so impressed with Ty's professionalism, knowledge, and her deep care about students, faculty, and staff.  She is well known across the college for her thoughtfulness, friendship, and customer service. I also know that Ty provides services outside of her CEA role at the Student Residence Hall and she also volunteers for many activities on campus. I would like to recommend that the Sterling Silver Award Committee consider recognizing Ty for this prestigious award. It would be well deserved.  Thank you for your consideration.”

Tim Gerlitz, Director, Center for Educational Access

“Ty helps tremendously with the RA staff and the Residence Hall. Ty really goes above and beyond to help with check-in, training, and being a good support to the staff. She does a lot of work on and off the clock. Ty definitely does not get the recognition she deserves.”

Victoria Schuler, Resident Assistant Student, Residence Hall