Sterling Silver Award

Annette Griffard

Annette Griffard

CTE Student Support Services Administrative Assistant
Career and Technical Education

Employee of the Month

“I strongly recommend Annette Griffard for NIC’s Sterling Silver Award. I have known Annette for many years now and am constantly impressed with her outstanding work ethic, professional attitude, and commitment to NIC’s students. Most of all, I am overwhelmed by her sincere love for the North Idaho College Family. You will always find Annette with an upbeat attitude, going out of her way to assist students, faculty, or staff members, or simply helping a wandering guest looking for directions. This year Annette has been faced with more challenges than ever. She moved her office and the CTE advisor’s office (who happened to be on vacation during the new move date) to the new Parker Technical Education Center while simultaneously attempting to serve students and faculty during the entire moving process. She never complained as we watched her work through breaks, stay late to unpack, rustle through boxes to find a student the right information, or simply volunteer to help a fellow employee unpack. Just about the time she was settling in to a routine, she lost her dear friend and partner of more than 10 years. Annette barely had time to grieve as she once again stepped up to serve students in her friend’s absence. She trained and supported a temporary replacement while coping with the loss of her dear friend. Annette shined as usual. Annette continue to treat everyone with a smile and did her best to support the every need of every person that walked through the door, while hiding her pain and sorrow. Annette stepped up once again to provide support for the division chair after his administrative assistant had decided to move out of the area. Annette demonstrated her grit and dedication to NIC as she balanced her own job responsibilities, supported the temporary CTE advisor, and provide administrative support to the division’s chair and faculty. Regardless of her workload, you could always find Annette cheerful and helpful. She is a shining example of what excellent customer service is about.

“Annette is now involved in helping our new permanent CTE advisor adjust to his new position. I believe Annette to be someone we should all aspire to be; a positive, resilient person, dedicated to student success. She is what is best about North Idaho College!”

Kassie Silvas, Dean of Outreach and Dean of Career, Technical, and Workforce Education –
Office of Advanced Opportunities

“I would like to nominate Annette Griffard for the Sterling Silver Award. Anyone who has ever met Annette knows that she fully embodies the criteria for this award. Annette shows up every day with a huge smile on her face and ready to dig in and help wherever it is needed and support all those around her. I constantly admire her role with students, prospective students, parents, and the community in general and her genuine and friendly nature in helping them along the path to success at NIC. With the move to the Parker Technical Education Center, Annette became the first point of contact for anyone entering the building and that has proven to be quite hectic. The start of the new year was difficult with the loss of Jennifer Henage, CTE Advisor, and Annette really stepped up the support for students in the advising process. Annette and Jennifer were very close and worked together for more than 10 years, so the loss was huge to our team, and especially Annette. She never wavered once, and really came through for the students and everyone involved! Watching Annette work with Jennifer's mother to clean out the office and help in whatever way she could was one of the most touching things I have seen. When the Trades and Industry administrative assistant left, we were faced with a six-week gap before replacing the position. Again, Annette stepped up to help make sure student and faculty needs were met by helping out with individual program advisory committees and scheduling, food, tours of the Parker Technical Education Center, meetings, program and course schedules, budgets, purchasing, marketing, career night events, to name a few areas. Annette took all this on with her typical smile and positive can-do attitude and never missed a beat. She is one of the most gracious, helpful, kind, and compassionate people I have ever worked around in my career at NIC. I know that with all Annette has been through that this award would mean the world to her. Thank you for your consideration.”

Doug Anderson, Division Chair – Trades and Industry Division

“As most of us are aware, this past winter was a tough and emotional time filled with trials, tribulations, and heartbreak. We lost a dear friend, colleague, and family member in Jennifer Henage who played such a pivotal role in not only the success of students, but also that of her colleagues as well. In these unfortunate and dark times, character and courage always seem to claw their way into the spotlight. This is the only way I can even begin to describe the inspirational actions of Annette Griffard throughout these past few months. Faced with the loss of a dear friend in such a tragic way and at such a hectic time of year, Annette found a way to continue to be the bright smile that everyone who walks through the doors of the Parker Technical Education Center has come to know and love. She finds a way to be the problem solver not only for me, but for every single student, staff, and faculty member that walks through those doors. If Annette is on it, the job simply gets done. This is in no way a surprise to anyone who knows her, it’s just Annette being Annette. But that is what is so special about this woman and exactly why it is such an honor and privilege to work with her. It is for these reasons that I wish to nominate Annette for the Sterling Silver Award. You are truly a rock star, Annette! Thank you for all that you do!”

Will Clifford, Transition Coordinator – Office of Advanced Opportunities

“Annette Griffard embodies the essence of teamwork, reliability, and graciousness. The past nine months have been an exercise in dedication and patience. Annette was instrumental in the moving process from the Hedlund Building on campus to the new CTE facility in Rathdrum. She and Jennifer Henage blazed trails in their new advising environment. Annette became the first point of contact for the CTE facility as her office is the first place visitors and staff see. Suddenly, Annette was directing inquiries and questions to the appropriate trade programs, giving tours, and keeping up with her regular duties as Jennifer’s Administrative Assistant. Annette has demonstrated, time and again, outstanding customer service, representing NIC in a consistently positive way even in the face of tragedy. Jennifer’s death was a shock to everyone, but Annette powered through stoically. She is an inspiration to me. I wish to nominate her for Sterling Silver Employee of the Month.”

Dianne Holbart, Assistant to the Dean – Career and Technical Education

“Annette Griffard has long been one to emulate in her dedication to NIC's students, faculty, and community.  Her service to these groups has been outstanding. Her teamwork and attitude I have always found exemplary in my four years working here. Recent events especially compel me to compliment those traits, but especially emphasize her reliability, which alone would be due recognition of the Sterling Silver Award.  The Fall 2016 relocation to a new building made for a challenging (but great!) start to the year. Placed right out front, Annette is now the first person visitors to the new building meet. There have been hundreds (thousands?) of visitors by now and she has represented NIC extremely well. Just when the 'new normal' was just settling in out in Rathdrum, came the unexpected passing of Jennifer Henage. That loss ran deep with the whole NIC community, but few people were as professionally and personally affected as Annette.  She has seen her community of faculty, students, and fellow staff members through this difficult time in an amazing way. She has managed to find solace while ensuring the CTE community was well supported.  Annette's performance and positive impact during Spring 2017 has been incredible. All of NIC should be proud of Annette Griffard. I know Jennifer would be.”

Patrick O’Halloran, Division Chair and Director – Aerospace Division