Sterling Silver Award

Christabela Fischer

Christabela Fischer

Landscape Services/Facilities Operations
Employee of the Month

“In the time it takes me to write this letter, Christabela may have completed the following: 1) Cleared snow from every entry door on campus. 2) Maintained every flower bed on campus. 3) Checked the entire campus for loose garbage. 4) Donated her time to instruct a class for employee day. 5) Filled in for her coworkers and push mowed the strips. 6) Blew all of the dust and needles out of the parking lots. 7) Raided every candy jar on campus. Christa may be the hardest worker we have in Facilities. She has an eye for ‘the little things.’ She is very reliable and does it all with an infectious fun attitude. Christa has taken it upon herself to ensure that the campus looks extra nice at commencement. She shops for orphaned flowers every year. She plants them all over campus and nurses them back to health. If you noticed the beautiful colors all over campus this spring, remember to thank Christa and all of her coworkers in Landscape Services. I could write all day and not properly tell you how glad I am that we have Christa in our department.”

Bill McElver, Manager, Physical Plant-Facilities Operations

“I am writing this letter to nominate Christa Fischer for Employee of the Month. Christa worked very hard all snow season to make sure the campus is safe for all who walk the sidewalks of NIC. No matter the weather conditions (sub-freezing temps and wind chill factors) pushing those temps well-below zero, Christa has shoveled, ran a snow blower and spread de-icer to make walking safe for all. Besides battling frigid temps, she comes in at 3 a.m. to get the job done. As an added bonus, Christa works at Transportation or Mail/Copy Center when her snow removal duties are finished. I strongly recommend Christa for Employee of the Month.”

Kim Rogstad, Landscape Technician, Landscape Services/Facilities Operations