Sterling Silver Award

Bill Cleavinger

Bill Cleavinger

Sr. Systems Analyst/Programmer
Information Technology

Employee of the Month

“Bill deserves this award for several reasons. First, he consistently exemplifies customer service. Always willing to answer questions and help coworkers and members of the college community alike. Second, he is dedicated in his job, even working extra-long hours on weekends to ensure systems are up and running for the week. Third, the attention to detail given in project planning and decision making is significant. Bill makes sure all bases are covered and provides a lot of insight into both project management tasks and daily tasks.”

Amy Mayer, Sr. Systems/Programmer - Information Technology

“Bill comes to work each day with students and employees foremost on his mind. He ensures Colleague and services are up and running optimally and that staff have the necessary access to do their jobs. When not at work, he keeps an eye on systems 24x7. Bill provides customer support to user offices and assists in any way that he can to rectify problems as quickly as possible. As Colleague System Administrator, Bill coordinates software updates, user testing sessions and monitors for systems compliance.

“Bill is quiet, reserved, steadfast and reliable. His communications are thorough, attention to detail unparalleled, and expertise unmatched. I have had the pleasure of working with Bill for the last 15 years and have never met someone so dedicated and committed to his work. Please consider this nomination, as I believe Bill is most deserving of the Sterling Silver Award.”

Lisa Clark, Manager of Applications Development - Information Technology

Bill is the most dedicated and knowledgeable person I have ever worked with. Patient, thorough, and easy to work with. His interface to NETSYS and user community is outstanding.”

Ranndy Oens, Unix Systems Administrator - Information Technology

“I would like to nominate Bill Cleavinger for the Sterling Silver Award. Any time I have a question, Bill is quick to answer or troubleshoot my problem. He has been instrumental in helping our office with an overhaul of our fixed asset reporting system. His knowledgeable guidance and extreme patience made the process smoother, and I can’t thank him enough!”

Jessica Grantham, Accountant - Business Office, PTK BUSA Instructor - Business and Professional Programs

“I would like to nominate Bill Cleavinger for the Sterling Silver Award. He is one of the most reliable and helpful people on campus. He is regularly bombarded by many of us that are in a panic or have large, looming projects that require his assistance and he always handles everyone with patience, grace, and humor. Whenever I go to him with a project or request I always know that he will go above and beyond to help me and help find solutions. He is also always watching out for the integrity and security of our system and students' electronic records. I love working with Bill and he is very deserving of this reward.”

Chantel Black, Assistant Registrar - Registrar’s Office

“Bill has provided excellent programming; trouble shooting service to our office. Many of our processes like COD and ISIR's are time sensitive and are critical for the operation of our office. Bill always gives these problems high priority and works with our team to resolve these issue quickly and efficiently so we can keep financial aid flowing smoothly.”

Nellore Collins, Advisor - Financial Aid Office

“Bill is always very helpful whenever we have questions. He is always willing to take time out of his very busy day to help with things that pop up in our daily work in the Financial Aid Office. He is very quick to help us research and find the answer. He does everything with a very calm attitude and a smile. This helps to keep us calm in events that we may view as a crises! The Financial Aid Office has decided that he can never retire because we need him. I think this is true for many other offices on campus too. We are very glad that you are part of our team Bill!”

Kathy Kraus, Technology Specialist - Financial Aid Office

“I would like to nominate Bill Cleavinger for the Sterling Silver Award. Every time I need any type of assistance, he is more than helpful. He goes above and beyond to guarantee my own, or my office's problems are solved. He always has the answer or finds the answer even though financial aid is the largest module for Colleague. Bill always understands the importance of the work we do in Financial Aid and he understands the urgency we have to get stuff fixed right away. I am so thankful for his hard work! When things are going astray, he always makes sure that it is fixed in a timely manner. I could not do a large portion of my job without him!”

Trisha Madsen, Technology Specialist - Financial Aid Office