Sterling Silver Award

Jessica Grantham

Jessica Grantham

Senior Accountant
Office of Finance and Business

Employee of the Month

“Jessica is a rock star! You would never believe that she is actually an accountant! She has a heart of gold and she is continually focused on making sure processes support our students and internal users and doesn’t drive how we serve others - but supports how we can better serve students and employees. Over the past year, Jessica stepped up and became the leader of student accounts and has driven improvements to customer service in how we interact and communicate with students - and she’s driven changes in technology that help students in every financial interaction they have with the college. Jessica is continually learning, growing and pushing the rest of us, or primarily me, to never settle. She keeps tinkering with processes, keeps asking hard questions, keeps researching, and keeps reaching every single day to ensure she is her very best - and we - NIC - keep striving to be our very best. Did you know? She’s actually an accountant? She’s a stellar accountant, but really I believe she’s a student success ninja or a rock star or a sterling employee...”

Chris Martin, Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs

“Jessica Grantham is a remarkable asset to NIC. She is stellar in her performance as the interim manager of Student Accounts, as well as one of our finest accountants with the highest level of integrity. Jessica never stops trying to streamline and improve processes for students and staff. Jessica sets the pace in the office with her example of maintaining a positive attitude and fostering open communication to squelch any negative talk. She is an exceptional organizer and highly efficient, and quickly proposes solutions to problems. Jessica volunteers to take on any project with enthusiasm and creativity, and follows it through to completion. She is a caring and professional manager, and everyone loves working with Jessica. In summary, Jessica is simply one of NIC’s best!”

Carol Jones, Executive Assistant - Office of Finance and Business

“Jessica always goes above and beyond her title she helps everyone in every way possible. The poster child for what it means to be in service to the college and its many beneficiaries. In the year I have known her, she is always willing to help, and always there when you need her. I swear she lives here, because I am an early riser and she is here before me and after me. ALL AROUND outstanding human being and employee to North Idaho College!”

Christopher Healy, Purchasing Coordinator - Office of Finance and Business

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica in a variety of capacities since she has been employed at NIC including grant management and in my capacity as division chair. Jessica is always very professional and thorough all while being a joy to work with. She is understanding when there are obstacles that frustrate faculty and staff with regards to budget processes or policies, and when possible she helps with removing those obstacles and/or explaining policies and procedures. Jessica has a huge workload that she has taken on graciously for the good of the college. For these reasons, she is most deserving of this award.”

Sue Shibley, Division Chair - Business and Professional Programs Division

“Jessica is one of those people that does a lot but many people might not quite know really how much she does. From grants management, college accounting, cash handling, customer service, audit prep, implementing new projects, serving on committees and so much more she somehow finds the time. I have worked with Jessica for many years and she is a wealth of knowledge. She is one of my go-to people for help. She is quick on her feet and willing to help. Often when I talk to her, she is already juggling many projects and seems to keep them all in the air. She has a great sense of humor even when the occasional prank is played on her. She brings a lot of fun to the office but knows when to switch to being a professional per the necessary situation. Jessica has recently jumped into a new role in the Student Accounts Office. Immediately she was focused and took on projects that would help improve services and the mission of the college. She is dedicated to improving efficiencies and providing stewardship for the college and the grants that she helps manage. Jessica is awesome and I believe she well-deserves for the Sterling Silver award.

Over the years, Jessica has worked behind the scenes to make sure that things get done at NIC and done right. Her roles in the Office of Finance has changed over the years but Jessica is willing and able to take on anything thrown at her...mostly because she has exceptional bean counting skills. It can be anything from a buttered bean, or string bean, or even a jelly bean, she can count it. She brings a good sense of humor to the team, even when coworkers play pranks on her. Another unnoticed aspect of Jessica's work is how integral she is in the audit process to ensure that NIC receives a clean audit year after year. I'm excited to nominate Jessica since she is no longer on the Sterling Silver committee and can be eligible for this honor. Jessica is awesome. The end!”

Josh Gittel, Senior Accountant -Office of Finance and Business

“I can go to Jess multiple times with similar issues and she never gets short with me. She is always so helpful and great at making it so I can understand fully what I'm working on. She listens to my ideas and is always quick to appreciate the work that I am doing. She is incredibly accommodating to anything that I may need help with since my return from maternity leave and the transition to Student Accounts. She has played a huge part in me feeling very much at “home” since I started in Student Accounts.”

Tiana Keasal, Accounting Specialist - Accounts Receivable - Students Accounts

“It is with great appreciation that I would like to nominate Jessica Grantham for the Sterling Silver Employee of the Month. Jessica is the Senior Accountant that provides support to our Head Start grant. Jessica takes time each fiscal year to provide fiscal training to our staff. Staff each year report that her training is thorough and informative and Jessica makes a point to praise staff for their work well done. Jessica also provides a down-to-earth fiscal training for our Policy Council and makes our Head Start parents feel informed and important in their roles in governing our program. Thank you for your consideration!”

Beth Ann Fuller, Director - Head Start

“Jessica is someone I can always count on going above and beyond to assist everyone one in my division with their business needs. She has spent a considerable amount of time dedicated to meeting with individual departments and programs in my division; solving problems and creating effective solutions to better serve students, save time for employees, and support the mission of NIC. Jessica always shows up to our meetings with a smile and a “can-do” attitude. She always demonstrates professionalism and is an example of excellent customer service. Thank you Jessica for all you do!”

Kassie Silvas, Dean of Career, Technical and Education - Office of Advanced Opportunities