Sterling Silver Award

Sara Fladeland

Sara Fladeland

Grants Development Manager
Development/NIC Foundation

Employee of the Month

“I am currently serving as the chair of the ad hoc common read committee, Cardinal Reads, and have the pleasure to work with Sara in the very long and detailed process of writing a grant to fund the author on campus event next year. Sara has played a fundamental role in the grant writing process for the committee and we certainly could not have completed the grants without her help. She has gone above and beyond by providing support to the committee and dedicating time and guidance on an ongoing basis. I am asking the committee to consider Sara as a recipient for the Sterling Silver Award as she truly is a remarkable employee at NIC.”

Maureen Steinel, Sociology Instructor - Social and Behavioral Sciences Division

“We often use the cliché that an employee's contributions are immeasurable to this institution. In the sense that her work for NIC goes above and beyond, calling NIC Grants Manager Sara Fladeland's work immeasurable is absolutely true as she works tirelessly to secure grant funding for North Idaho College. Except that in Sara's case, her contributions are measurable... very sizeable in fact. According to the NIC Annual Report, Sara led the effort to secure $6.78 million in grants for NIC in FY15. Now that's measurable! Sara works so hard, spanning the campus with collaboration and putting in extra hours before grants deadlines to position NIC's requests with the best possible chance for funding. She handles the pressure of her position with a team spirit that tells me she's IN and certainly deserving of the Sterling Silver Award!”

Stacy Hudson, Director - Communications and Marketing

“Sara Fladeland is the grants development manager in the Development Department. She is highly skilled and experienced in fundraising and is a hard-working individual who goes above and beyond the call of duty on a regular basis. Not only does Sara excel in her capacity as grants development manager, she has also demonstrated a successful track record in educating business students in her role as an adjunct faculty member. Sara collaborates with many departments on campus, which provides her with a working knowledge of the services available to our students; therefore, she is a wonderful resource for our students, too. I have worked closely with Sara on many projects over the past 11 years. She is a dedicated team player, very thorough, and always reliable.”

Pam Noah, Development Coordinator - Development/NIC Foundation

“I would like to endorse Sara Fladeland as this month's Sterling Silver Award recipient. As a colleague, Sara definitely demonstrated her ability to produce at a high level regardless of adversity that arises. Sara has been working hard on numerous grants and this month marks the completion/submission for those deadlines. Her hard work will advance North Idaho College more than we even know. Sara Fladeland is making it possible for NIC students to ‘Start here ... Go anywhere.’”

Taylor Fore, Coordinator - Alumni Relations and Development - Development/NIC Foundation

“Sara is one of my favorite people to work with on campus even though she really shouldn't be, because she needs lots of data and she is usually on a tight timeline! She is so good to work with, though, because you know she is always working her hardest to help NIC (and a bunch of individual departments) look for and apply for grants that will really positively impact our students. Even when there is a tight deadline and she is under pressure, she is still fun to work with and always so appreciative of the work others do to help the in the process. She is the kind of coworker that makes others want to rise to the occasion and get things done!”

Kylene Lloyd, Student Services Data and Information Analyst - Student Services Office

“It is with great pleasure that I support the nomination of Sara Fladeland for the NIC Sterling Silver Award. Though many at NIC are dedicated to their jobs and go the additional mile, few are put under the pressure and deadlines that Sara deals with in her duties researching and writing grants. Sara works tirelessly to help in securing the funding that helps NIC in achieving educational excellence. Sara has been burning the midnight oil in writing the large EDA grant for the new CTE Facility, which is no small achievement! She is ever-accommodating when we reach out on smaller grant opportunities for Trades and Industry programs and her contributions are significant in our success.”

Doug Anderson, Division Chair - Trades and Industry Division

 “It is with great honor that I nominate Sara Fladeland for the Sterling Silver Award. Sara exhibits the highest level of dedication to North Idaho College through her work ethic, professionalism, great attitude, team approach, attention to detail, and sincerity for the college community and students. Sara continues to work on projects that require her attention after hours and on weekends without any assistance, and she does so because she believes in the mission and values of NIC. Sara has been instrumental in acquiring millions of dollars on behalf of the college which has led to innovative programs and services that benefit our students. Finally, Sara is a champion of student success as an adjunct instructor. Thank you Sara for all you do!”

Kassie Silvas, Dean of Outreach and Educational Innovation / Dean of Career, Technical, and Workforce Education

“It’s my honor to nominate Sara Fladeland for the Sterling Silver Award. Sara is one of the hardest working individuals I know. Her amazing efforts are felt across campus throughout the year as she helps so many of us to pursue and secure funding for both new and existing programs ALL IN THE NAME OF STUDENT SUCCESS! Thank you Sara, for all that you do!”

Shannon Goodrich, Sr. Executive Assistant - President’s Office

“Sara is one of the hardest working people I've ever met. She really deserves this!”

Aasa Burlin, Grants Specialist - Development/NIC Foundation

“Sara is In ... 'All IN!' Her dedication to this institution and its mission is remarkable! Sara works tirelessly to accommodate the many requests that come her way. She is a jack of all trades - she facilitates inter-departmental collaboration, is a research guru, provides amazing guidance to each grant seeker, and treats every proposal as a new and exciting opportunity. Her work makes so many projects and programs possible for NIC. We truly would be at a loss without her!”

Jessica Grantham, Senior Accountant - Office of Finance and Business