Sterling Silver Award

Sue Schuh

Sue Schuh

Executive Assistant
Professional-Technical Education
Employee of the Month

“It is my pleasure to nominate Sue Schuh for the Sterling Silver Award. I have worked with Sue for a little over five years and she is a gentle teacher, amazing professional, and all around wonderful person. Sue makes fiscal tracking look effortless, but I know how much work goes into her tracking spreadsheets! I can’t thank her enough for making my job easier with her diligence and attention to detail. She is my go-to person if I ever have a question regarding any of the PTE programs. She handles everything with the same pleasant, efficient attitude and never seems to get flustered. I can’t think of a more deserving person to be recognized for what she does for the college.”

Jessica Grantham, Accountant - Business Office, PT BUSA Instructor – Business and Professional Programs

“I would like to add to the nomination for the Sterling Silver Award for Sue Schuh by saying that Sue has contributed greatly to the success of PTE. She is organized, efficient, dedicated, and motivated to the success of everything we do in PTE. She sets a high standard for herself and leads by example when it comes to hard-working, honest, and exacting. Sue has been there to keep me on track, on task, and never fails to pick up the things that could easily be missed. The entire PTE group is blessed to have someone of her dedication and caliber watching out for their interests. I'm personally blessed to have someone like Sue as my administrative assistant.”

Mike Mires, Dean of Professional, Technical, and Workforce Education

“Sue Schuh is my go-to person for almost anything financial for the Professional-Technical area. She's a ‘super-person;’ can solve mysteries in a single bound! Sue's ability to plan, analyze, and report financial activity is top notch and this benefits the college in so many ways. I know when I'm working on reports to the State of Idaho that if I have questions, Sue will know the answers. I'm happy to be able to nominate her for the Sterling Silver Award as I can't think of a more deserving person.”

Sandra Jacquot, Assistant Controller - Business Office

“Please accept my nomination of Sue Schuh for the Sterling Silver Award. Her work ethic is outstanding, whether it is balancing the budget, organizing events and meetings, arranging Mike's schedule, and above all, putting students' needs first. When something needs to get done, Sue knows who to call and how to get things accomplished. Sue brings a wealth of experience to her position and she is an excellent employee who works extremely hard to ensure the success of the Professional-Technical division here at NIC.”

Annette Griffard, PTE Student Support Services Administrative Assistant - Professional-Technical Education

“It is my great pleasure to nominate Sue Schuh for the Sterling Silver Award. Sue is one of the hardest working people I know and gives her all on every project she is involved with. She continually amazes me with her dedication to detail and doing things as they should be done as well as encouraging faculty and staff to aspire towards excellence. I attribute many of her attributes to her upbringing in a small farm town where hard work, honesty, and doing your best were an expectation. Sue is truly a great role model for NIC and the excellence we stand for. In a nutshell, if I were to go start my own college, she would be my first, and most valuable, employee!  Thank you for considering Sue for this esteemed award.”

Doug Anderson, Division Chair – Trades and Industry Division

“Sue is an amazing professional, whom is an admiration to myself, as she is for many others as well. She is an amazing teacher giving the can do attitude, and is truly aspiring on all levels on a daily basis. No question is too little or too big, she is always more than helpful taking time to answer any question providing answers to your questions. She never lets an email or telephone call go unanswered, and you always receive a prompt professional reply. If she is unsure of how a process works, she never hesitates to ask; she is always eager to learn the process from start to end to obtain a better understanding which makes for a much smoother process when the documentation arrives. She goes the extra mile, never forgetting to dot an ‘I’ or cross a ‘t,’ and I could not think of a better person to receive the Sterling Silver Award. Sue is true gem, and is a true asset to North Idaho College.”

Leslie Slinkard, Accounts Payable Technician - Business Office

“Sue is a dedicated NIC employee. She is responsible for the preparation and tracking of the state budget for the Professional-Technical Education programs. Her attention to details and work ethic ensure the task is complete and accurate. Sue treats everyone the same and is always willing to help when and where it is needed. Sue deserves the Sterling Silver Award as an acknowledgement of all her efforts to get the job done right the first time.”

Joyce Ferrell, Health Education Specialist - Nursing, Health Education Specialist - Health Professions Division

“Sue is an outstanding person and employee of NIC. She is a dedicated worker, who possesses all the qualities valued by the Sterling Silver Committee. Sue is diligent, does an amazing amount of work, and is a joy to work with!”

Mary Edwards, ABE/GED Assessment Coordinator – Adult Education Center

“It is with great pleasure that I nominate Sue Schuh for the Sterling Silver Award. I have worked with Sue since 2006 and consider her to be an outstanding colleague. Her integrity, attention to detail, hard work, and determination are all hallmarks of her work ethic. She is the go-to person with both knowledge and problem-solving ability. Sue frequently works above and beyond the call of duty and pitches in to help others. Sue Schuh is an excellent example of what North Idaho College seeks to instill in the students we train.”

Jennifer Henage, Coordinator Professional-Technical Student Support Services, Professional-Technical Education, Professional Technical Advisor-Advising Services

“It is with a huge smile and great respect for the work she does that I jump on the bandwagon to nominate Sue Schuh for a Sterling Silver Award. I have worked with Sue very closely over the years on things fiscal that are PTE. Sue's patience, dedication, and grace under fire are worth recognizing—she is the ultimate professional. She is ethical, fair, and extremely knowledgeable about PTE. If she doesn't know the answer to your question, she finds it. I hope that she is given the Sterling Silver Award, even though I think she is solid gold. We are all very fortunate to have her on our team.”

Sarah Garcia, Controller - Business Office

“Sue is a wonderful person, always very helpful, and has a wealth of information she is always willing to share!  When I was first hired at NIC last year, she was always available to answer my questions and help in any way she could. She was very kind and welcomed me to the NIC family. She is a very busy woman and works long hours to make sure everything gets done and everyone has what they need. I feel very fortunate to be able to work with Sue.”

Carol Anderson, Senior Administrative Assistant/Data Analyst - Aerospace and Outreach