Sterling Silver Award

Linda Schaefer

Linda Schaefer

Senior Administrative Assistant
TRIO Student Support Services

Employee of the Month

“Linda's got it all. She is intelligent, knowledgeable, passionate, caring, energetic, and professional. She gives 110 percent effort every day. I can't think of a single project or task that she hasn't done more than what was asked or required. Linda is always working two steps ahead of the needs of our students and staff. She has made many important contributions to our program such as an extensive operations manual and near flawless implementation of tutor trac software that will benefit our program for years to come.”

Holly Edwards, Director of TRIO Student Support Services

“I’d like to nominate Linda Schaefer for the Sterling Silver Award. Linda has been so dedicated to our department and has consistently shown herself to be others-centered that I just had to nominate her before she retires. She consistently goes above and beyond what is required in order to help others. As an example, she brought in her personal camera to take a video of a students' speech last spring. Some of our students stop in every day just to chat for a few minutes and start their day off right! Linda is known as a one-stop resource for students and staff, and she always has a positive, encouraging word to extend to others. I have seen others face concerns and/or complaints with a lot of negativity, yet Linda maintains her positive attitude and works hard when change is necessary. Linda is an asset to our NIC Family and has made both Advising Services and TRIO better places for staff, faculty, and students alike.

“Linda takes the initiative to stay up to date with all aspects of her job. She makes it a priority to remain current on federal regulations that govern TRIO, NIC policies relating to hiring, payroll, and budget and most importantly technology. TRIO has always been a program built on student success best practices. It is because of Linda's exemplary technology knowledge that TRIO has been able to implement these best practices using current technology resources and therefore providing the most effective service to students. She can often be found in our lab helping students navigate Blackboard and other educational software. Our entire staff and student participants have come to rely on her computer knowledge and willingness to help.

“Linda's professionalism and genuine concern for students' well-being is unmatched. TRIO is a place where students feel at home, largely because of the environment Linda creates. Linda is the first person students meet when they come to TRIO. She approaches each interaction and every person with respect and compassion. Her communication is equally effective with students, staff, faculty community members, and vendors. I can't think of anyone I'd rather have on the front lines representing NIC and TRIO.”

Becky Cochran, Program Coordinator - TRIO Student Support Services

“From my first day here at NIC, Linda has been helpful and supportive. She has consistently gone above and beyond to not only meet my needs, but all of the needs of Academic Support Services; which at the time included TRIO Student Support Services, Academic and Career Advising. I was needy in those first days: putting together my office, finding where things are, getting my computer and phone organized - it was Linda who answered my calls with patience and a smile. No matter what, Linda has always had a ‘can-do/will-do attitude.’ Her work ethic is exceptional and she sets a fine example for others. Her professionalism is unparalleled. Linda has a genuine concern for others and it is evident in all that she does. One of her many talents is her ability to build relationships with students. She is the face of TRIO and her professionalism and passion for helping others has certainly not dimmed from my early days. I consider myself lucky to work with this fine lady.”

Karen Howell, Advisor/Career Counselor - TRIO Student Support Services

“Linda Schaefer is well deserving of the Sterling Silver Award. Linda always has the students’ best interests in mind when serving the students of the TRIO program. Not only is she dedicated to NIC and its mission, she has a caring heart for people.”

Mindy Patterson, Executive Assistant - Community and Governmental Relations

“Linda is a tremendous asset to student services. The leadership and support she provides to advising services and the NIC TRIO program is invaluable to not only the student body, but also to her co-workers. I had the opportunity to work with Linda in Advising Services and the consistency in her work, attitude, and calming demeanor, provided stability to an office that often supports a population with diverse needs. I couldn’t think of a more deserving person to win the award of Sterling Silver. Congratulations Linda!”

Nick Granier, Marketing Coordinator - Communications and Marketing