Sterling Silver Award

Rebecca Goodwin

Rebecca Goodwin

Switchboard Operator/Administrative Assistant
Community Relations

Employee of the Month

“Rebecca is a superstar! I can't think of a better person to serve as the face of NIC when greeting campus visitors. Rebecca seems to know what’s going on at all times, and if she doesn't know, she will make sure she finds out for you! As the main switchboard operator, Rebecca answers over 100 telephone calls a day in the weeks leading up to the start of the semester. Often times those phone calls come all at once, and she gracefully manages to answer and triage them all. Many times callers have no idea which department they need to be connected with, but after listening to them describe their situation, Rebecca quickly points them in the right direction and transfers their call usually to an extension she has somehow memorized!

Rebecca does all of this, and then somehow finds time to help others in the building whether it's putting together packets for the spelling bee, taping messages to granola bars for the day of welcome, or stuffing envelopes for a bulk mailing, Rebecca is always willing to lend a helping hand and does it with a smile! Most people would not enjoy working by themselves in an ‘office’ the way that Rebecca's job requires, but she has found a way to keep it fun and interesting always greeting passersby in the hallway with well wishes and asking how things are going in our departments. Rebecca is a great friend to all and well worthy of the Sterling Silver Award!”

Lindsay Suto, Alumni Relations and Development Coordinator - Alumni Association and Development/NIC Foundation

“Rebecca in many ways is the face of the college. We couldn’t ask for a cheerier, more-friendly person to greet folks when they come in the door or to make sure their phone calls go to the right place. She’s knowledgeable and efficient. She has a great attitude, a super sense of humor, and is just fun to work with. Rebecca is very deserving of the Sterling Silver Award.”

Tom Greene, Communications Coordinator - Communications and Marketing Department

“Rebecca is the front door to NIC, both by phone and to those who walk onto our campus and need help. When someone takes the initiative to call NIC or stop by our campus, they are seeking a solution to their needs. I believe strongly that people don’t want to talk to a machine... they need a person on the other end of the phone line that is helpful and willing to go the extra mile to help them to resolution. That’s the reputation I want NIC to have, and that’s what Rebecca provides for this institution! Immeasurable!”

Stacy Hudson, Communications and Marketing Director - Communications and Marketing Department