Sterling Silver Award

Audrey Bourne

Audrey Bourne

Assistant Division Chair and Communication Instructor
Communication and Fine Arts Division

Employee of the Month

“One of the greatest things about Audry (and there are many from which to choose) is her open door. Audry is constantly making herself available for both students and peer faculty, offering up her advice, wisdom, and at times, merely a sympathetic ear whenever needed. Audry's availability and presence are appreciated, and without her, the stress levels would be considerably higher! Thanks, Audry!”

Josh Misner, Communication Instructor - Communication and Fine Arts

“Audry always has a smile and is always willing to help.”

Jessica Grantham, Accountant - Business Office, PT BUSA Instructor – Business and Professional Programs

“As an instructor, coworker, and NIC employee, Audry exudes optimism and professionalism.  As an instructor in her department, I especially appreciate her in the role of assistant division chair. Audry is always available to listen and share wisdom and perspective on all challenging situations that may arise.”

Teresa Runge, Communication Instructor - Communication and Fine Arts

“Please consider Audry for this award. In the three years that I have been with NIC, she has consistently demonstrated the highest level of professionalism; leadership while always going the extra mile as a coach, mentor, teacher, and friend. She sets the bar high as a role model for students, faculty, and friends. She is more than worthy of the recognition of this award.”

Lee Wallace, Communication Instructor - Communication and Fine Arts

“I have had the privilege of working with Audry for several years. She is an invaluable member of the Communication Department, the division, and the college. Audry is the senior member of the Communication Department, and as such, she provides significant insight and leadership into our team teaching approach. She is a strong mentor of new faculty and adjuncts and willingly takes on this role. This past year she served as Assistant Division Chair.  In this role, I observed that she is a dedicated employee that always strives to put the institution first. In the 2013-2014 academic year, Audry served as Chair of the College Senate. This proved to be a challenging experience in wading through dozens of policy revisions. Audry took on this challenge with zest and competence. Lastly, Audry is extremely visible on campus. She makes a point of attending campus events and connecting with other faculty and staff. As such, she strengthens the campus climate and culture. She is truly deserving to be employee of the month!”

Sherry Simkins, Division Chair/Communication Instructor - Communication and Fine Arts

“Audry Bourne is a person that was always welcoming to me as a new faculty member. Audry shows professionalism in her interactions with her peers and is always available to faculty when they are need of advice or information. She truly cares for the NIC Community and supports the Communication Studies Department as we grow and go through changes.”

Tracy Struble, Communication Instructor - Communication and Fine Arts