Sterling Silver Award

Alan Lamb

Alan Lamb

Social Science Division Chair, Sociology/AIST Anthropology Instructor
Social and Behavioral Sciences Division

Employee of the Month

“It's difficult to capture in a paragraph the scope of Alan Lamb's pervasive and benevolent influence on this campus. Alan is the heart and soul of everything that is praiseworthy, fair, and noble in our academic enterprise here at NIC. Most importantly, Alan is a wonderful colleague and an exceptional leader. Lao Tzu once said the following about the greatest of leaders: ‘When his task is accomplished and his work is done, the people all say, It happened to us naturally.’ That's Alan in a nutshell.”

Ed Kaitz, Philosophy Instructor – English and Humanities Division

“I nominate Alan Lamb for the Sterling Silver Award, because he has been an outstanding mentor to the entire department and he is also a genuine person who is interested in the progress of adjunct instructors. I really like Alan.”

Candace Johnston, Anthropology Instructor – Social and Behavioral Sciences Division

“Alan is now serving as the division chair for the Social Science Division. He is incredibly supportive of faculty, even during some very busy times, when they need his help or have a question. Alan has gone above and beyond in his duties as division chair this semester especially with the amount of work involved with the GEM process. I would like to nominate him for the Sterling Silver Award. Thank you for the consideration.”

Maureen Steinel, Social Sciences Assistant Division Chair, Sociology Instructor - Social and Behavioral Sciences Division

“I have known Alan for many years as he has been chair of our division twice since his tenure at NIC. He works extremely hard to maintain the business of the division in good standing. He is a strong advocate for both faculty and students. Alan has a very relaxed attitude about him, which seems to place any issue under discussion in its proper perspective. In addition and most importantly, he leads by example. I hope he receives the award as he would be quite deserving of it.”

Victor Duarte, Psychology Instructor - Social and Behavioral Sciences Division

“Alan Lamb's leadership and positive impact is campus wide as a faculty member and division chair. He is always willing to help and goes beyond the call of duty. He makes great personal and professional sacrifices to get the job done. He does so because to him it is not just a job, but a passion. His positive demeanor is also campus wide impacting students, staff, and faculty. He is also a champion of diversity and equality on campus.”

Kathy Lewis, American Indian Studies Instructor - Social and Behavioral Sciences Division

“Alan has consistently been a sterling example of leadership for our Social and Behavioral Sciences Division. He truly deserves to be recognized!”

Judith Andreasson, Sociology Instructor – Social and Behavioral Sciences Division