Sterling Silver Award

DeAnn Johnson

DeAnn Johnson

Advisor for Completion and Transferability
Advising Services

Employee of the Month

“DeAnn is such a great advocate for our students! She is constantly looking for ways to help students and she never just settles for the status quo if it is getting in the way of student success. In addition to her great work with students, she is also someone who is just great to be around. She’s so positive, loyal, and encouraging that working with her is always a great experience!”

Kylene Lloyd, Student Services Data & Information Analyst – Student Services

“It is a pleasure to nominate DeAnn Johnson for the Sterling Silver Award. From the moment DeAnn joined the Student Services Team, she has been a force to be reckoned with. She has consistently and passionately advocated for programs, collaborations, and changes to enhance the quality of our students’ experiences and academic success both at NIC and at their intended transfer institution. As an advisor, fervent is the best way to describe her ‘having or showing great warmth or intensity of spirit, feeling, and enthusiasm.’ DeAnn demonstrates a student-centered approach in all things. When you see her with students, you know and understand what a servant’s heart is like, and I am so appreciative to have her on our team and as a role model for how we should all approach our work.”

Lynn Covey, Executive Assistant – Student Services

“DeAnn is someone who should take a lot of pride in her day-to-day work. She is always friendly, upbeat, and positive. She always goes above and beyond in her desire to have our students be advised appropriately for completion. DeAnn has been a treasure to work with as we have been awarding the Albertson’s Go On Scholarships. She is the person who has met with ALL of our recipients and kept as many of them on track for graduation, as possible. She looks for solution to any issues that may come up during this process. DeAnn’s knowledge and expertise in higher education are invaluable to NIC and deserve to be recognized.”

Corene Cohen, Senior Administrative Assistant – Student Services

“DeAnn Johnson puts students first, and focuses on helping them reach their goals. She takes extra time explaining information to students, and finds answers for them regarding transferring to other institutions. She helps them navigate the graduation, completion, and transfer process. DeAnn is cheerful and pleasant to work with no matter how busy she is. I appreciate her help on joint projects, and enjoy working with her!”

Amy Hirtle, Former PT Office Assistant – Student Services

“DeAnn is an incredible resource in our office. She is always willing to help and steps up to volunteer whenever and wherever help is needed. She somehow manages to juggle numerous tasks and projects with ease and grace. She is a true professional and goes above and beyond with every student she sees. It is a pleasure to work with her!”

Karen Glaeser, Academic and Career Advisor – Advising Services

“DeAnn is a vital part of the Advising Services team and an asset to the NIC community. DeAnn juggles a tremendous amount of tasks and always strives to give each her undivided attention. DeAnn excels in customer service and frequently stops whatever she is doing if an impromptu meeting with a student or colleague is required. DeAnn is the epitome of professionalism and deserves to be recognized for her generosity and dedication to the students and staff at NIC!”

Christina Cox, Assistant Director – Advising Services

“DeAnn is a very pro-active, positive colleague who is genuinely concerned about the welfare of each student she sees and always goes the extra mile for them! She is an awesome super support system for me as well; I am fortunate to work with such a supportive lady. She is a very ambitious and caring person and our Advising department has really benefitted from having her here to be the backbone and role model advisor. I admire her determination in helping that student right away and following through with them, making sure they are on the right path. DeAnn definitely deserves this award and I am very happy and proud that she has been nominated.”

Holly Frome, Administrative Assistant – Advising Services & Career Services