Schuler Performing Arts Center Press Pack

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Event Length:   1st Half   2nd Half    Event Start Time:

Event Contact:    Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Doors typically open 30 minutes prior to the event start time. Other arrangements must be requested here:

Intermission?            If Yes, Length Requested:

Event Ticketing

Ticket Pricing: Adult $ Senior $ Student $
Age Category: Adult Senior Student

Babes In Arms: Allowed Free    Discouraged

Children: Under Discouraged      Under Not Allowed

Recording Devices Allowed: Video      Camera w/ Flash     Camera      Audio

Ticket Outlets
  Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Brief Description Of This Event (May be used on NIC reader board if space is available.)

Important: All information supplied on this document will be used for the arrangements of the actual event, such as staffing. Any changes to the event: such as time of event; or additional times or spaces requested must be submitted to the SPAC Operations Manager.