Program Overview

The Intensive English Language program (IELP) at North Idaho College will provide English language training to help participants prepare for college enrollment as well as for professional development. The program offers six levels of instruction with a highly qualified instructor on the beautiful NIC campus. It covers a range of skills including listening, speaking, reading and writing. Whether you are interested in enhancing your language skills for conversation, travel, job/professional development, or if you plan on obtaining a degree from NIC, this program is ready to help you succeed.

The program is run on 8-week terms, where students will advance by level until they complete the program. Terms start in the summer (June-August) and continue on to the fall (August-October and October-December) and spring (January-March and March-May). Full-time study is equal to 20 hours per week of instruction for international students. Non-international student visa holders may also consider a part-time option.

Admission to the program requires the following:

  1. Application:
  2. Financial Declaration:
  3. Immunization Record:
  4. Copy of passport