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Alertus emergency notification system to be tested Friday, Aug. 1

NIC will run a test of the new Alertus system at 9:30 a.m. Friday, Aug. 1. The new campus emergency notification system Alertus allows notifications to take over computer screens on campus in the event of an emergency. Software has been loaded on all networked computers on campus that will display emergency instructions during a campus crisis.


Please make a point to try to be near your computer or a computer during the test. Campus Security and Information Technology staff would like to know if there are problems now that software implementation is complete. Another test will be performed during Convocation Week, when faculty have returned to campus. If a computer in a classroom hasn't been powered on yet since the install, the new software won't have a completed installation.     


Contact the IT Help Desk at Ext. 3280 or if you don't see the alert during the test time.