Aerospace Technology Advanced Manufacturing

Professional-Technical Program

Aerospace Technology Advanced Manufacturing
Aerospace Technology Advanced Manufacturing
Aerospace Technology Advanced Manufacturing
Aerospace Technology Advanced Manufacturing
Aerospace Technology Advanced Manufacturing
Aerospace Technology Advanced Manufacturing
Aerospace Technology Advanced Manufacturing
Aerospace Technology Advanced Manufacturing
This program prepares students for entry level employment in the aerospace technology manufacturing specifically pertaining to composite fabrication and repair, Quality Assurance methods, CNC machine operation, and non-destructive testing and inspection. The curriculum provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to work in various phases of the aerospace advanced manufacturing field. Students receive hands-on working knowledge from a qualified instructor in a lab setting where the focus is on manufacturing fabrication, repair, quality assurance, and non-destructive testing methods used by the aerospace industry.

North Idaho College’s new Aerospace Division launched its first program, Aerospace Composites Technology, during Fall 2013. Those interested should apply right away for the coming semester!

Financial Aid Eligible

For more information, please phone (208) 625-2344 or e-mail

Note: North Idaho College is proud to be able to extend priority of service to veterans of the U.S. Armed forces choosing to enter this program. Those who have served or are still serving, please indicate your interest in an e-mail.


The Aerospace Composite Technology program will expand the ability of North Idaho College to respond to the economic and workforce development needs in North Idaho by increasing the education and skill attainment of TAA-eligible, veterans, and other potential students for employment in the aerospace industry. The program seeks to enroll participants into an effective series of courses that stack industry-recognized credentials leading to certificates and degree attainment.

Program Outcomes

  • Students will be able to fabricate and repair composites using industry recognized techniques.
  • Students will demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessary to work in an entry-level quality assurance position for the composite fabrication industry.
  • Students will be able to apply quality assurance techniques to composite processes.
  • Students will demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessary to repair composites necessary in the aerospace industry.
  • Students will operate tools and equipment safely. This includes personal and aircraft safety standards related to shop layout, equipment use, and the handling and storage of materials.
  • Students will read and correctly interpret blueprints.
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of, and define and utilize, composite terminology.
  • Students will consistently display precision manufacturing processes such as measuring, drilling, and fabricating components.
  • Students will demonstrate appropriate use of cutting tools.
  • Students will attach fasteners, metal components, brackets, and fittings to composite materials with precision and proper care of materials.
  • Students will use basic communication skills to meet the needs of the workplace.

Employment Outlook

  • Employment in aviation maintenance and advanced manufacturing is growing rapidly in North Idaho, requiring a highly skilled workforce for aerospace jobs.
  • 16 percent growth was experienced in aerospace industry employment in North Idaho from 2008 to 2009, during the height of the recession (Idaho Department of Labor 2010 report).
  • Aerospace employers in North Idaho estimate more than 600 new jobs in the next two to three years.
  • Idaho Department of Labor employment forecasts include a 9.5 percent projected increase in the aerospace, manufacturing, advanced manufacturing, and machining industries from 2010 to 2015 and 20 percent from 2010 to 2020.
  • This curriculum was evaluated by the IAM/Boeing Joint Apprenticeship Program and the one-year certificate is a recognized qualifier for two IAM/Boeing apprenticeships: Blue Streak Mechanic and Composite Manufacturing Technician.

Local Industry

Composites-interest in Northern Idaho:

Aviation/Composites in this region:

  • Idaho Aerospace
  • Inland Northwest Aerospace
  • Triumph Composite Systems - Airway Heights, WA
  • ATC Manufacturing - Spokane Valley, WA
  • Multi-Fab - Spokane Valley, WA
  • C&D Zodiac - Newport, WA

Want to explore more about composites?

Search the web. Some key words to help: Carbon fiber, resin infusion, epoxy resins, “pre-preg” (preimpregnated material), unidirectional carbon, Kevlar 49, VARTM (vacuum assisted resin transfer molding), nomex honeycomb, Boeing 787, Zylon™, FibreGlast

This project was funded $2,976,663 (100% of its total cost), from a grant awarded under the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Grants, as implemented by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration.

North Idaho College is an equal opportunity employer/program and auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.


Program Guidelines