Aerospace Technology Nondestructive Testing and Inspection

Career and Technical Program

This program prepares students for entry level employment as a Nondestructive Testing Technician to be placed in a position to be certified by industry. The program will provide quality, hands-on education with the industry's most current and sophisticated testing equipment. Nondestructive Testing and Inspection technicians are increasingly in demand. This program will provide students with the information required to be trained technicians who understand NDT's role in the aerospace industry and who have mastered the American Society for Nondestructive Testing's coursework for Level I and II certification in three NDT methods, including liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, and visual inspection processes with the option to learn eddy current, ultrasonic testing, and thermographic testing. Students will also learn the basics of materials and processes associated with NDT technology. Nondestructive evaluation (NDE) utilizes a number of techniques to determine the health of an engineering component or structure without affecting its usefulness.

Program Guidelines