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The Physical Therapist Assistant Consortium Program prepares students for employment as physical therapist assistants (PTA). The PTA functions through the direction of a physical therapist (PT) to implement the PT’s plan of care. The ultimate goal of physical therapy is to aid patients and clients in their return to maximal function. PTA students are instructed in thinking processes and skills such as therapeutic exercise, orthopedic and neurological interventions, therapeutic modalities, and the art of patient care. In addition to patient treatment courses, students study the basic sciences of anatomy, physiology, clinical pathology, and kinesiology. Clinical education experiences are integrated throughout the curriculum and offer students the opportunity to practice the techniques learned and practiced each semester. The program is designed to be completed in two years.

Statement of Accreditation Status

The Idaho Consortium for Physical Therapist Assistant Education at the College of Southern Idaho, the College of Western Idaho, Lewis-Clark State College, and North Idaho College is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE), 1111 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314; telephone: (703) 706-3245; email:; website:

The PTA program is a competitive entry program. The following numbers of students will comprise the 2017 cohort: CSI – 10 students; CWI – 14 students; LCSC – 6 students; NIC – 10 students.

Application dates for the fall 2018 PTA class will open January 29, 2018 and close March 22, 2018.*
* CSI will not accept a cohort fall of 2018. CSI accepts cohorts every other year.

The PTA program will be implementing a new points distribution model beginning the Spring 2019 application cycle. For additional information, please go to the PTA Student Admissions Google Site.

Admission Requirements

Competitive Entry
  1. High school diploma or GED. 
  2. Application to the Physical Therapist Assistant program. 
  3. Minimum grades of C or 2.00 must be earned in each of the prerequisite courses required for the program.
    • BIOL-227 (Human Anatomy & Physiology I With Cadaver)
    • CAOT-179 (Medical Terminology)
    • ENGL-101 (English Composition)
    • MATH-123* (Contemporary Mathematics)
    * Mathematics requirement includes any math course that is MATH-123 or higher and fulfills the A.A.S. degree requirement as list in the NIC catalog. 
  4. All lab science courses which were completed more than seven years prior to application must be repeated. 
  5. Documentation showing a minimum of 16 hours of observation in a physical therapy clinical setting. 
  6. A criminal background check will be required upon acceptance. Violations may result in denied access to clinical sites and therefore inability to complete the program. For questions regarding specific violations, please contact program director.

Interested in the Idaho PTA Consortium Program?
Be sure to click on the FAQs link above and most of your questions will be answered. 

Idaho Consortium for Physical Therapist Assistant Education Program/Student Outcomes
Graduation Year 2015 2016
2-Year Graduation Rate: 86% 83%
2-Year Licensure Examination Pass Rate: 94.3% 91.3%
2-Year Employment Rate: 100% 100%

More questions? Contact your advisor or program faculty.


Brian Parker
Health Professions Advisor
(208) 625-2320

Jon Gardunia, DPT
Program Director/Instructor
Physical Therapist Assistant Program
(208) 665-5051


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