Program Guidelines


Healthcare Informatics Technician

Professional-Technical Program

Healthcare informatics combines the fields of computer information technology and health to develop and support he computer systems required to administer information, advance clinical work flow, and improve the security of the computerized healthcare systems. It involves the integration of information sciences, computer technology, and medicine to collect, organize and secure information systems and health related data. The extraordinary advancement of medical knowledge and technologies may vastly improve healthcare delivery to consumers, and keeping the information related to these advancements organizes and accessible is crucial.

Healthcare informatics utilizes computer hardware, specialized software, and communication devices to form complex computer networks to collect, analyze, and transmit medical processes. Due to the widespread implementation and complexity of computerized health information, computer IT specialists with knowledge to healthcare practices are in high demand. The purpose of this program is to prepare people for entry-level employment in this exciting field.

This program may be used to help prepare for CompTIA HIT-001 Healthcare IT Technician certification.

Note: Students who wish to enroll in this program must apply to the first year CITE program and meet the selective enrollment criteria for that program. Students waiting to be granted admission into the CITE program are able to register and take the courses that do not have the CITE prefix.