Modern Languages

Transfer Program

The study of world cultures is an integral part of a well rounded education. Learning a modern language provides a sense of shared humanity and offers insight into the human mind, thus helping international understanding. It improves intellectual skills; helps the learner understand the customs, culture, and literature of other countries; and provides a wealth of material in other languages. The knowledge of modern languages is in demand in business and commerce, civil service, law, media, applied sciences, service occupations, tourism, social sciences, and engineering among others. Students wanting to major in a modern language are urged to complete an associate of arts degree. Completion of the following courses results in an associate’s degree and meets the general core requirements at all Idaho public universities. The suggested coursework normally fulfills the first half of baccalaureate degree requirements in modern language. Course selection should be tailored to match requirements defined by your intended transfer institution.

It is strongly suggested that students majoring in modern language take courses in at least two modern languages since many universities require such before issuing a bachelor of arts in modern languages.


Program Guidelines