Transfer Program

The Art Department's transfer programs are structured as a broad introduction to the nature, vocabulary, media, styles and themes of the visual arts. Students pursuing a Fine Arts or Graphics Design major (the Graphic Design program is described on page 82) and transferring credits may complete all basic art requirements while at NIC. Students may pursue an A.A.S. degree in Graphic Design as an occupational program.

The Art Department's curriculum emphasizes four major goals: developing the highest levels of individual artistic awareness and expression; providing coursework for students as part of their general education experience; combining rigorous training n technical and formal skills in commercial art; and maintaining the art gallery as a visual arts resource in the region.

Completion of the following courses results in an associate degree and meets the general core requirements at all Idaho public institutions. The Suggested coursework below normally fulfills the first half of baccalaureate degree requirements for Graphic Design or Fine Art. Course selection should be tailored to match requirements defined by intended transfer institutions.

Students pursuing an art major have several options. Students transferring to a baccalaureate program after graduation to complete a B.A. or B.S. degree may choose "emphasis electives" from either the Fine Arts or the Graphic Design area. Students interested in applying their art training immediately upon graduation from NIC will want to consider the Graphic Design occupational degree option. Each area is outlined below.

Courses in this area provide instruction in the creative process through studio art classes and art survey. This foundational coursework explores the aesthetic principles that lead to individual expression.

Commercial artists are visual specialists who convert ideas into symbols and devise print advertising, corporate identity systems, and electronic media. As the communications link between supplier and consumer, the commercial artist conceives and executes ideas that inform, motivate, educate, or sell. Students selecting a Graphic Design emphasis will be exposed to basic technical and conceptual skills using computers and other resources necessary to produce sophisticated and effective presentations. The Graphic Design Associate of Applied Science Degree option is described on page 133.



Program Guidelines