Nursing: Practical Nursing (P.N.)

Career and Technical Program

Nursing: Practical Nursing (P.N.)
Nursing: Practical Nursing (P.N.)
Nursing: Practical Nursing (P.N.)
Nursing: Practical Nursing (P.N.)
Nursing: Practical Nursing (P.N.)
Nursing: Practical Nursing (P.N.)
Nursing: Practical Nursing (P.N.)

This 11-month program prepares students for entry-level employment as practical nurses in hospitals, home health care, convalescent homes, and related health service professions. A technical certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the program. Students who wish to continue to the R.N. level should consult with their advisor for those program requirements.

This program has a selective admission process. Applications are due each January. See below for details regarding specific requirements.

Graduates are eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN). Students who pass the exam are qualified to practice as licensed practical nurses in Idaho and may apply for licensure in other states by endorsement.

The curriculum includes basic and clinical foundations of nursing, medical and surgical nursing, maternal and infant care, nursing of children, psychiatric nursing, pharmacology, and geriatrics. The program is offered in cooperation with Kootenai Health, local extended care facilities, physician offices, and the Idaho Division of Career and Technical Education.

Admission Requirements

Competitive Entry
1. High school diploma or GED.

2. Application to the Practical Nursing program.

3. Minimum grades of C or 2.00 must be earned in each of the prerequisite courses required for the program.
     • CAOT-179 (Medical Terminology)
     • CHEM-105* (General, Organic and Biochemistry)
     • ENGL-099** (Fundamentals for Writing)
     • MCTE-102 (Computational Skills for Allied Health)
     • PSYC-101 (Introduction to Psychology)
     *or one year of high school chemistry with lab.
     **or ENGL-101 or NIC assessment scores taken within two years prior to application for admission to the program indicating placement above ENGL-099.

4. All lab science courses which were completed more than seven years prior to application must be repeated.

5. Obtain a valid Certified Nursing Assistant certificate from any state by application deadline.

6. Completion of an approved medical terminology course with a grade of C or 2.00 or higher within three years prior to application in program.

7. Minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50 calculated on all courses which meet the curriculum requirements. This excludes the medical terminology and Certified Nursing Assistant courses.

8. Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) Results.

9. A criminal background check will be required upon acceptance. Violations may result in denied access to clinical sites and therefore inability to complete the program. For questions regarding specific violations, please contact program director.


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