How to Transcribe Technical Competency Credit (TCC)

After the semester ends, a transcript form and instructions will be sent to parents of Technical Competency students who earned B- or higher. If you lose the transcript form, you can print this form, then send it to the Office of Advanced Opportunities along with a check for the transcription fee. There is a $10 per credit fee. For example, if you are eligible to transcribe 6 North Idaho College credits, include a check for $60. You will have two years after graduation to transcript your Technical Competency Credits.

  1. Complete and sign a TCC Request form.
    Send the completed form to:
    North Idaho College Office of Advanced Opportunities
    1000 W. Garden
    Lee-Kildow Hall 101
    Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814
  2. The student must request NIC to transcript Technical Competency Credits no later than two years after completing the course at $10 per credit. Payment for the courses you wish to transcript must be attached to the Technical Competency Credit form.
  3. Official NIC transcripts are currently issued at a fee of $7.00 per transcript.
  4. The student may receive college credit for any or all of the courses for which he/she qualifies. Credit may be transcribed classes with a grade of B- or better.
    A 93 - 100%
    A- 90 - 92%
    B+ 87 - 89%
    B 83 - 86%
    B- 80 - 82%
  5. There is no application fee for students to apply to NIC to transcribe credit. College staff will verify your grades, then will add the classes to your official college transcript. You have up to two years from graduation to record your high school Technical Competency classes on an official college transcript, however it is recommended that you do so immediately.

Please keep in mind that successful completion of high school TCC classes does not guarantee acceptance into certain classes or programs. Make sure you are aware of the admission requirements of the specific program you wish to enter. Some programs at NIC have limited enrollment or a selective admissions process. You can find that information in the North Idaho College catalog, online at or contact the Office of Advanced Opportunities. For more information, contact North Idaho College Admissions (208) 769-3311, Registrar's office (208) 769-3320 or CTE Transition Coordinator (208) 769-5964.

Requesting Transcripts
After you submit an application to NIC and the credits are transcribed, requests for an official transcript must be made through your MyNIC account > Bookmarks > Transcript Request