Instructions for Accessing Your NIC Pay Advice Online

From any computer with Internet access, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your “User name:” (normally your first initial, middle initial, full last name-lowercase w/no spaces) and “Password:” (your personal NIC log-in password)--Please note this is the same log-in information you utilize when accessing any NIC computer/programs.
    *If you do not have log-in privileges contact the NIC Help Desk as referenced below.
  3. Under the ‘Services’ tab, click “Employee Profile”
    *If this menu option is missing please contact the NIC Help Desk as referenced below.
  4. Click “Pay Advices” (located under ‘Employee Profile’)
  5. Click “02/28/2014” to view the February 28, 2014 online pay advice
    At this screen you may also choose any other current calendar year pay advice date by clicking on the payday, or choose one of two previous years by clicking the drop-down menu and selecting a year.
  6. Click “OK” at the bottom of the pay advice screen or the ‘x’ on the tab to close the current view; Also, be sure to “Log Out” to close your MyNIC session to assure that no other person can access your personal information.


*If you experience a problem with a MyNIC log-in process or get to Step 5 above and the “Employee Profile” menu is missing, you will need to contact the NIC Help Desk by calling 769-3280 or by email directed to:

If you experience any problems viewing your pay advice, contact any of the following NIC Office of Finance and Business personnel for help with the process: Annette Moore, 665-5453/Josh Gittel, 769-4397