Welcome to the North Idaho College Tenure Homepage

This resource provides tenure candidates, Faculty Evaluation Team members, division chairs, and others with links to NIC tenure policies and procedures, to tenure timelines, and to tenure forms.

What is Tenure?


According to North Idaho College Policy #3.02.09 (revised fall 2010), the purpose of tenure is:

"To protect Academic Freedom, recognized by North Idaho College in
policy as the cornerstone of the educational process, and to recognize faculty
members who have demonstrated effective teaching and academic preparation,
effective performance of contractual responsibilities, continued professional
growth, adherence to a professional code of conduct, and service in accordance
with criteria established by the board of trustees…

Through tenure NIC seeks to attract, select, and retain faculty members whose
competence, qualifications, educational philosophy, dedication to their
students, and commitment to the profession best complement the educational
mission of the department, the institution, and the discipline(s), thereby
serving the broader interests of society..."

For more about the tenure process at North Idaho College, please see the links to the right.