Parking Rules and Regulations

Parking Permit Fees 2017-2018

Employee (per permit) $46
Students (per permit) $31
Tutors/Learning Center -ESL $31
LCSC -  U of I Students $31
Short-term class (per permit) $31
Motorcycle Parking Free
Handicap Free
Lost permit replaced $20
Sherman Visitors Lot No charge
    (Must have visitor's permit)  
Parking meters $1.50/hour

Emergency Phones

Emergency phones are located throughout campus. These phones dial directly to Security and are for the use of students, staff and visitors in case of any emergency. This service is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.
If you need assistance, pick up the phone, and identify your location, the make and color of your vehicle, and your parking permit number.

NIC Security can also be contacted at (208) 769-3310

Parking regulations as set forth by North Idaho College are available at the Parking Services Office. Any questions concerning regulations should be directed to this office located at the Student Union Bldg. Cardinal Card Office, 495 N. College Dr. (208) 769-5902

To ensure a safe and healthy environment for students, employees, and visitors, North Idaho College prohibits the use of any tobacco products including, e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products on campus except for in designated areas.

Campus Parking rules and regulations

The goal and objective for campus parking is to expedite the safe and orderly conduct of campus business and to provide parking facilities within the limits of available space.

Parking services at North Idaho College is a user- based system. Income derived from the sale of parking permits and from the collection of monetary penalties assessed under these rules and regulations is used for the administration, maintenance, and improvement of parking facilities.

This bulletin provides notice of regulations for parking vehicles on campus. Violation of any of these regulations is cause for a citation. Lack of familiarity with the regulations does not constitute a defense for failure to comply. It is the individual’s responsibility to learn the parking regulations and park their vehicle properly at all times.

Student and Employee Permits: All motor vehicles parking on the NIC campus (including W. Garden Ave. and College Dr.) and the Career Technical Education facility (CTE) between 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Friday must display a valid parking permit. Vehicles with handicap plates or placard, plus motorcycles do not require an NIC parking permit. Parking permits are NOT required after 4 p.m. Permits are required during the fall and spring academic semesters.

Parking Permits are transferrable by the permit owner to any vehicle they are operating. There is no price reduction when purchasing additional permits.

Permits are to be displayed from the rear view mirror, front of placard must be visible from the outside of the vehicle and are transferrable to any vehicle operated by the purchaser.

A permit does not guarantee you a parking space, only that you can legally park on campus. Permits are valid for an academic year beginning with the first day of each fall semester. Permits aren’t required for evening and summer classes.
A permit also includes access to services such as a jump start or vehicle unlock.

Resident Hall Lot: Only those residing within the resident hall may purchase a residence hall permit and park in this lot. 

Visitor Passes: Visitor passes are required between 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Friday. Visitor passes are available from the Parking Services Office in the Student Union Bldg. and the Switchboard Operator in the Sherman Building. A visitor is defined as any person other than a student, staff, or faculty member of North Idaho College. Passes are only required during the fall and spring academic semesters.

Metered Spaces: All vehicles whether they have a valid employee or student parking permit must pay for metered parking. Handicap plated – placard vehicles do not require payment. Maximum time allowed per payment is one hour with designated (marked) meters being two hours.

Legal Parking Spaces: Responsibility for locating an appropriate designated parking space rests with the operator of the motor vehicle. Lack of a readily available parking space is not an excuse for violation of any parking regulation. Students may only park in areas designated for student parking when permits are required.

Towing: Any vehicle parked in violation of any regulation is subject to citation and/or towing at the expense of the owner/operator without warning. All vehicles parked on campus must posses a valid parking permit when required and a current state vehicle registration.

November 1 – March 15 Overnight Parking: Overnight street parking (College Drive & W. Garden Ave.) is not permitted November 1st through March 15th from midnight to 6:00AM. Also, overnight parking is not permitted within campus lots with the exception of the North Molstead, far west row, between posted signs. This restriction is in place seven days per week to include holidays. Citations will be issued for non-compliance with vehicles towed at owners expense when snow removal is in progress. See the Nov. – March Overnight Parking link for additional information. Contact Parking Services at (208) 769-5902 during business hours or NIC security at (208) 769-3310 for assistance or questions.

Handicap Parking: Vehicles displaying either a state authorized handicap placard or plate do not require a parking permit.

Motorcycles: Motorcycles do not require an NIC parking permit. Please park in designated motorcycle areas.

Carpool & Vanpool: Car and Vanpools are an important alternative to single occupancy vehicles on campus. Pooling lessens the environmental impact and reduces the demand for parking. Definition of a car/vanpool is two or more occupants who park on the NIC campus for academic or business purposes. Designated and reserved parking spaces are located in various campus lots and the CTE facility in Rathdrum. Citations will be issued to those found violating the two person rule or not displaying a current NIC parking permit when permits are required.

The college does not assume responsibility for any motor vehicle or its contents while parked on college property. Lock your vehicle and do not store valuables in view.


  • Parking Services is charged with the impartial enforcement of NIC parking regulations. Security officers have the authority to issue citations, control access to campus areas, and to have vehicles towed if necessary.
  • Vehicles may be towed after five unpaid violations, not properly registered, abandoned, or improperly parked.
  • Students with unpaid parking tickets may lose course registration privileges and/ or be placed on Academic Hold.


Fines are reduced by one half when paid within seven days except for handicap, fire lane/hydrant access and voided permit use violations.
• A $10 late fee will be added to the fine after 30 days.
•  Parking Violation ........................................... $40
•  Parking in a handicap space...................$141.50 (Enforced 24 hours)
• Parking in fire lane or
fire hydrant access ........................................ $40 (Enforced 24 hours)
• Displaying a permit that has been
reported lost or stolen ................................... $50

Tickets may not be excused or voided by anyone other than Parking/Security Services or the Parking Appeals Committee.

Parking Violations

Parking Services may issue citations for the violations above as well as:

  1. Parking without permit tag clearly visible.
  2. Parking in a crosswalk or blocking a driveway.
  3. Parking in restricted area (Visitor, No Parking, Reserved, Loading, and Yellow zones).
  4. Parking in a Faculty/Staff parking space without a proper permit. (Handicap excluded)
  5. Illegally displaying another individual’s permit tag or voided permit while parking on campus.
  6. Occupying more than one parking space.
  7. Parking on the grass, double parked, and all other violations.
  8. Parking overnight without permission and/or permit.
  9. Parking within 15 feet of  a  fire hydrant or fire lane access area.
  10. Parking in a handicap space (vehicle must Display handicap DMV placard or plate.)
  11. Parking in a metered space without payment – expired meter.
  12. Failure to comply with directions or instructions from parking or security personnel.
  13. Purchase of permit that is not authorized (i.e. Student purchasing Resident Hall pass if not residing on campus, Employee purchasing a student permit)

Appeals Procedure

Any person aggrieved by any finding, order, or determination of parking services or an NIC security officer, may file an appeal through the Parking Services Office and have their citation reviewed by the Parking Appeals Committee.

The appeal must be filed within seven days of the date of the citation. If an appeal is not filed within this time, the person is deemed to accept the ticket as valid.

An appeal is not allowed for a second violation of the same offense, and subsequent tickets for the violation will not be excused. The Parking Appeals Committee determinations and decisions are final.

NIC reserves the right to submit unpaid parking citations to collections for processing. 

Parking Suggestions

  • Review a campus map for proper areas to park.
  • Arrive for class early.
  • Speed limit on campus is 20 mph. Do not exceed the speed limit.
  • Use caution around crosswalks and while parking and exiting parking spaces.
  • When leaving your vehicle, make sure permit is visible, windows are shut, and doors locked.
  • Pay tickets promptly and save money.
  • Carpool, bicycle, or walk when possible.
  • It’s simple, just don’t break the rules.
  • Call NIC Security at (208) 769-3310 for assistance afterhours.

NIC  Security (208) 769-3310 - 703 Military Dr.

Please visit for information on annual security & fire reports, safety tips, crime statistics and much more.