MyNIC Card

North Idaho College utilizes HigherOne© for all financial aid and scholarship credit balance/refund distribution. Financial aid and scholarships are automatically applied towards tuition and fees, room and board. If the amount of aid received is greater than the amount applied towards allowable expenses, the student will receive a credit balance/refund.

  • All degree seeking students who have applied for financial aid or are receiving a scholarship and have paid their application fee; will receive a HigherOne© debit card (MyNIC Card). These cards are mailed to the students’ mailing address that is listed in NIC’s system. Students should make sure that their address is always up-to-date and they should watch for the card in the mail.
  • Students can go online to and learn about HigherOne© and the MyNIC debit card.
  • Do not throw the card away (a replacement card can cost you up to $20)!
  • As soon as you receive the card you must go online to to select your refund preference - how you want to receive your financial aid/scholarship credit balance/refund from NIC:
    • Easy Refund – opening a HigherOne OneAccount and funds will be available through
      your Higher One MyNIC Card (debit card); within minutes of the funds being released by the college.
    • Transferred/Deposited into your bank account (ACH) at your current bank; funds will generally be available within 1-3 business days of the funds being released by the College.

Alert! Important

  • Failing to log in to select your refund preference will cause unnecessary delays in financial aid credit balance/refund disbursement. Students who do not log in to select their refund preference will experience a delay of 21 days at which point a paper check will be mailed out to the address we have on file.
  • You will be re-using your HigherOne© account semester after semester so please do not discard the card regardless of which refund option you select or whether or not you choose to open a OneAccount. Protect the card and your username/password to as you would a credit card. do not share them with others. Always log out when finished using the online system to check your balance, etc.
  • If you chose the Easy Refund MyNIC Card debit card option as your refund preference:
    • You are opening a HigherOne© OneAccount – an online checking account; you are entering into a banking relationship. HigherOne© is currently partnering with The Bancorp Bank to provide integrated banking services. The OneAccount is FDIC insured and offers free checking with no monthly fees associated with normal use. Nevertheless, you will have the option to sign up for additional services if you so choose. When you sign up for additional services, always check for applicable fees – additional fee-based HigherOne services.
    • You will be able to use your debit MasterCard© at thousands of merchant locations where MasterCard© is accepted. Make sure to select “credit” when you swipe the card at various merchant locations. Choose “credit” (not “debit”), swipe your card, and sign the receipt. Choosing “credit” allows you to avoid unnecessary fees – If you choose “credit,” the transaction will be processed through the MasterCard© network and you’ll avoid unnecessary PIN fees. If you’re buying something online (e.g. on or other sites), use the number printed on the front of you MyNICCard, just as you would a credit card. If you need to provide a 3-digit security number, look on the back of your card for the last 3 digits of the number that’s printed inside the box where you signed your name. For swipe and sign purchases (choosing “credit” at the checkout) the daily spending limit is $2,500 per day. The MasterCard© Zero Liability Policy does not cover PIN based transactions. It only covers swipe and sign transactions made by choosing “credit” at the point of sale.
    • There will be a HigherOne© ATM located on the main NIC campus (Lee-Kildow Hall). In order to protect students against fraud, the daily ATM withdrawal limit for the OneCard is $500. This includes PIN based transactions of all kinds. For example: if a student purchases $200 in groceries at the store by selecting “debit” at the checkout and enters a PIN number, he/she can withdraw only $300 more from the ATM for the day. You can use other, non-HigherOne©, ATMs but the bank that owns the ATM will charge you a fee and there will also be a $2 fee assessed by HigherOne©.
    • If you have a balance on your OneAccount and you do NOT have any transactions on your OneAccount for over 9 consecutive months you will incur a monthly “abandoned account fee” (there is no fee on accounts with $0 balance).
  • We have encouraged all students to update their mailing address in MyNIC. Failing to have the correct mailing address in our system will cause unnecessary delays in financial aid credit balance/refund disbursement. If you log in to MyNIC and your address is correct, you don’t need to do anything further. If your address is incorrect, you need to update it as soon as possible.

When will you receive your financial aid refund/credit balance?

When students receive financial aid depends on many factors, including when they applied for aid, whether they submitted all the required paperwork in a timely fashion, whether they qualify for financial aid or scholarships, whether they accepted the award in MyNIC, whether they started attending their classes, (Important: it is not enough to register for classes, student must start attending their classes in order to be eligible for financial aid) etc. Generally you can expect financial aid to be disbursed the third Tuesday of the semester (Fall and Spring) as this is the date NIC releases funds to HigherOne. Financial aid is first applied towards tuition and fees and other allowable expenses, and the credit balance is disbursed to the students in one of three ways, depending on which option the student selects.

If you have questions after carefully reading the information on the site, please contact the NIC Student Accounts Office, Admissions Office or the Registrar’s Office. For technical support you need to contact HigherOne directly using the contact information on the site. Questions specific to your financial aid award can be directed to our Financial Aid Office.

Alert! Important

Verify your address and update it at least three weeks prior to the beginning of each semester (the sooner the better)! You must ensure that your address is correct in three places:

Changing one of them does not change the other two!