North Idaho College utilizes Blackboard Pay© for all financial aid and scholarship credit balance/refund distribution. Financial aid and scholarships are automatically applied towards tuition and fees, room and board. If the amount of aid received is greater than the amount applied towards allowable expenses, the student will receive a credit balance/refund.
  • All degree seeking students who have applied for financial aid or are receiving a scholarship and have paid their application fee; will receive an enrollment email asking them to make a disbursement selection. These emails are sent to the students’ Cardinal Mail. 
  • You can also view for more information.
  • As soon as you receive the enrollment email you must go online to to select your refund preference - how you want to receive your financial aid/scholarship credit balance/refund from NIC:
    • NICPAY Car – Accepted at over 8 million merchant locations and 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs, it’s a great way to receive and manage your money.
    • Transferred/Deposited into your bank account (ACH) at your current bank - funds will be deposited into your existing bank account.  Have your checkbook ready when you enroll.

Alert Important

  • Failing to log in to select your refund preference will cause unnecessary delays in financial aid credit balance/refund disbursement. Students who do not log in to select their refund preference will experience a delay because a paper check will be mailed out to the address we have on file.  
  • You will be re-using your NICPAY CARD semester after semester so please do not discard the card regardless of which refund option you select.  If you choose to receive your disbursement on the NICPAY CARD, you will enjoy the following features: 
    • You will be able to use your debit MasterCard© at thousands of merchant locations where MasterCard© is accepted.
    • There is no risk of overdraft fees, minimum balance, or monthly service fees.
    • It’s not a credit card, so you can only spend what is available on the card.
    • Get free withdrawals at any Allpoint® Network ATM.  Download the app for your smart phone and it will show you all available ATMS at your location.
    • Comes with Money Network® Checks that can be cashed free at any Walmart location.
    • Upgrade your Money Network® Account so it can be reloaded with other funds by your employer, you or your parents.  The upgrade is FREE!
  • We have encouraged all students to update their mailing address in MyNIC. Failing to have the correct mailing address in our system will cause unnecessary delays in financial aid credit balance/refund disbursement. If you log in to MyNIC and your address is correct, you don’t need to do anything further. If your address is incorrect, you need to update it as soon as possible.

When will you receive your financial aid refund/credit balance?

When students receive financial aid depends on many factors, including when they applied for aid, whether they submitted all the required paperwork in a timely fashion, whether they qualify for financial aid or scholarships, whether they accepted the award in MyNIC, whether they started attending their classes, (Important: it is not enough to register for classes, student must start attending their classes in order to be eligible for financial aid) etc. Generally you can expect financial aid to be disbursed the third Friday of the semester (Fall and Spring) as this is the date NIC releases funds to Blackboard Pay. Financial aid is first applied towards tuition and fees and other allowable expenses, and the credit balance is disbursed to the students in one of three ways, depending on which option the student selects.

If you have questions after carefully reading the information on the site, please contact the NIC Student Accounts Office, Admissions Office or the Registrar’s Office. For technical support you need to contact Money Network customer service at (800) 822-4283 directly using the contact information on Questions specific to your financial aid award can be directed to our Financial Aid Office.

alert Important

Verify your address and update it at least three weeks prior to the beginning of each semester (the sooner the better)! You must ensure that your address is correct in three places: