The Student Accounts Office accepts many payment methods for tuition and fees.  We accept cash, check, money order, credit card, ACH, and an installment plan option.  Please see Tuition & Fees to understand how the amount is calculated.

  • Pay in Full

    • Credit Card payments: Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express (AMEX) credit card payments may be made online through Self-Service found on your MyNIC portal page.
    • Check or Money Order Payments: No starter checks, please; payable to North Idaho College; please include student ID on check or money order; allow 4-5 business days for processing.
    • E-Check: Using your bank account number and routing number, payment may be made directly to NIC online.
    • In person payments: Cash, check (no starter check), Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express payments may be made in Lee-Kildow Hall at the Student Accounts Office.

    **Please be aware Student Accounts cannot accept credit card information over the phone.**


    To determine the deadline to drop a class for a refund, visit Important Dates

  • Installment Plan Options

    Installment Plan Options: Students with an outstanding balance must select an Installment Plan unless they have enough accepted financial aid or have submitted third-party sponsor voucher for the semester. Installment plan selection must be completed before midnight on the 100% refund date. The 100% refund date for each semester can be found on the Academic Calendar.

    Each installment plan option allows students to select a payment due date that fits into their monthly budget. Payments will be drafted once a month based on the option selected.

    Advantages of the Installment Plan:
    • Easy online sign-up
    • Monthly installment due date options (i.e. 5th; 10th; 15th; 20th; 25th)
    • Flexible payment options
    • No interest

    Fall 2018 Installment Plans:

      • No setup fee
      • 10% down payment required
      • Number of payments: 5 (July, August, September, October, November)

      • $25 setup fee (starting after August 20th)
      • 10% down payment required
      • Number of payments: 4 (August, September, October, November)

      • $25 setup fee (starting after August 20th)
      • 10% down payment required
      • Number of payments: 3 (September, October, November)

    Spring 2019 Installment Plans:

      • No setup fee
      • 10% down payment required
      • Number of payments: 5 (December, January, February, March, April)

      • $25 setup fee (starting January 14th)
      • 10% down payment required
      • Number of payments: 4 (January, February, March, April)

      • $25 setup fee (starting January 14th)
      • 10% down payment required
      • Number of payments: 3 (February, March, April)

    NOTE: Students that still have an outstanding balance owing and do not have enough financial aid or haven't enrolled in an installment payment plan, will be assessed a late balance fee of $50.

    Payments are withdrawn on the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, or 25th of the month (based on enrollment of a plan). Please review plan details. Down payments are withdrawn the morning after an installment plan has been setup.

  • Installment Payment Plan Enrollment

    1. Gather the necessary information. You will need:

    1. The name and address of the person responsible for making the payments.
    2. Account information for the responsible person: Credit/Debit card number and expiration date.

    2. Enroll in an Installment Payment Plan

    1. Log into your MyNIC account.
    2. Click on "Self Service."
    3. Click on "Student Account Center."
    4. Click on "I Agree" to the consent to be redirected to the secure website.
    5. Click Payment Plan tab on the top menu bar.
    6. Click on "Enroll Now."
    7. Select a term from the drop down list and click on "Select."
    8. The installment plans you are eligible to enroll in are listed.
    9. Review the various requirements for the installment payment plans and determine which plan you would like to enroll in.
    10. Select the installment plan name from the drop down listing, then click select.
    11. A description of the plan and plan details are then listed. Click continue.
    12. Eligible charges and credits for the select term are presented.
    13. If the student would like to put a larger down payment than required, input this amount and click display schedule. Click on recalculate schedule and then click on continue.
    14. Select payment method - either add a new payment method or select a saved payment method.
    15. Review installment payment plan agreement.
    16. Must agree to the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page. Click "I Agree" and then click "Continue"

    Payments are processed on the plan's specified date of each month and will continue until the payment plan expires. A minimum balance due of $140 is required to sign up for the automatic installment payment plan.

    Have questions about setting up the Installment Plan?

    1. Visit the Student Accounts Office if you need assistance or do not have Internet access.
    2. Contact Student Accounts at (208) 769-3344.
    3. Visit our Installment Plan FAQ.

    Payments made outside the scheduled installment payments - any payments you wish to make on your account balance outside of your scheduled installment payments may be done online or in-person

    For questions regarding your account, log into your MyNIC and click on "Self Service." There are a number of options for you to get information.

  • Other Financial Resources

    Third Party Payer - Submit an authorization voucher to the Student Accounts Office if you are being sponsored by an employer/company or agency. Non-district students must complete a Certificate of Residency and submit it to their county of residency by the date listed on the form. Once received by the Student Accounts Office, these other financial resources will be applied to the student's account.

    Students must complete a new sponsor form each semester. Note: If, for any reason, a student's sponsor fails to pay charges upon receipt of the bill, the student will be responsible for all charges.

    Employees and dependents utilizing the Employee/Dependent Tuiton Waiver, will be able to see the awarded amount listed on their MyNIC, Student Account Center. Note: These funds will not transfer onto the account until after the semester begins.