Frequently Asked Questions

Many of your questions have been asked before. To assist you with answers to some of your questions, we have put together a few FAQs. 

  • TouchNet Student Account Center FAQs

    • What is TouchNet Student Account Center?
      TouchNet Student Account Center is a one-stop portal where students and families can 1) view real-time account information, 2) make payments and 3) select installment plans. Additionally, they can also choose refund options and view the status of history of refunds and payments.
    • When will TouchNet Student Account Center be available?
      TouchNet Student Account Center will "go live" April 2, 2018. The first billing on the TouchNet system will be Summer 2018
    • What is happening to AES and MoneyNetwork?
      TouchNet Student Account Center will be replacing both AES and MoneyNetwork. Neither will be available after May 31, 2018.
    • What are my payment options with TouchNet?
      Payments may be made online using Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We are also able to offer an eCheck (ACH) option to make your payments too.
    • How do I access my TouchNet Student Account Center portal account?.
      You will access your Student Account Center by clicking into you MyNIC → Self-Service → Student Account Center button.
    • Will my parent/family be able to access TouchNet?
      When you access your TouchNet Student Account Center, there will be an options to set up an "authorized user" (parent or other individuals) to view your account information. Once you set up the authorized user, TouchNet will send that user information on establishing their login credentials to the TouchNet Student Account Center portal.
    • How will I receive refunds from my student account?
      The fastest and most convenient way to receive a refund is to set up direct deposit to your bank account. You will be able to do this 24/7 on the TouchNet Student Account Center, effective April 2, 2018. Even if you had direct deposit in place with MoneyNetwork, you will need to establish your direct deposit with TouchNet. If you do not set up direct deposit, you will be mailed a check through the TouchNet processing center. Please know that direct deposit is much faster, secure way to receive funds. If you change banks, you will be able to update your information any time through your Student Account Center.
    • What are the other refund options?
      If you do not have direct deposit and would like to put your funds on a debit card, there is the option to open a Discover bank account with a debit card attached. This way you will have access to your funds through a Discover card.
    • Is your TouchNet Student Account Center accessible through my mobile device?
      You may access your Student Account Center through your MyNIC at anytime. MyNIC and the Student Account Center has been optimized for mobile devices.
  • Installment Plan FAQs

    • What's is the installment plan?
      The installment (payment) plan through TouchNet replaces NIC's third-party payment plan company, AES. The installment plan allows students to pay their balance in installments through the semester according to specific payment schedules. Depending on when they sign up, students can choose to make five (5) equal monthly payments with 10% down payment; four (4) equal monthly payments with a 10% down payment; three (3) equal monthly payments with a 10% down payment; or a two (2) equal monthly payments with a 10% down payment. Please note: that the five (5) and four (4) payment options are not available for Summer session due to the shortened length of that semester.
    • Who needs to sign up for an installment plan?
    • North Idaho College requires that all tuition and fees be paid in full by the payment due date. Therefore, in order to not be charged a $50 payment late fee, all students must complete one of the following:
      • Pay their balance in full.
      • Have enough accepted financial aid to cover the balance in full.
      • Sign up for an installment plan
      • Submit an authorization form from a third-party sponsorship to the Student Accounts Office.
    • How do I enroll in an installment plan?
      1. Log into MyNIC → Self Service → Student Finance and click on the Student Account Center
      2. Click on Payment Plan tab on the top menu bar.
      3. Click on Enroll Now.
      4. Select a term from the drop down list and click on Select.
      5. The installment plans you are eligible to enroll in are listed.
      6. Review the various requirements for the installment plan and determine which plan you would like to enroll in.
      7. Select the installment plan name from the drop down listing and click select.
      8. A description of the plan and plan details are then listed. Click on continue.
      9. Eligible charges and credits for the select term are presented.
      10. If the student would like to put a larger down payment than required, input this amount and click display schedule. Click on recalculate schedule and then click on continue.
      11. Select payment method - either add a new payment method or select a saved payment method.
      12. Review installment plan agreement.
      13. Must agree to the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page. Click "I Agree" and then click continue.
    • What if my balance changes during the semester?
      North Idaho College will update changes to your balance a few business days prior to your payment due date, and subsequent payments will be increased or decreased accordingly. NIC will send you an email fi there is a change to your balance that will affect your payments.
    • How will I know if I've chosen the correct installment plan for my situation?
      As the student is the one that chooses the plan, it is ultimately the student's responsibility to ensure they are in the appropriate installment plan.
    • Will signing up for an installment plan affect my financial aid?
      Signing up for an installment plan will have no impact on the amount of your aid, nor will it speed up (or slow down) the time required to process your aid. Signing up for an installment plan will ensure that you don't receive a $50 late payment fee, but does not guarantee that financial aid will cover all or any of your charges for the semester.
    • If I'm receiving financial aid this semester, why do I need to sign up for an installment plan?
      In order to ensure that you will not receive a $50 payment late fee, you MUST have accepted your aid and completed all required paperwork by the designated due date. Even though you may be receiving a financial aid award, the amount of your award may not cover your outstanding balance in full. In addition, changes to your class schedule or eligibility may cause adjustments/changes to the amount of financial aid you can receive, which could create a balance due to the college. To ensure that you are not charged the $50 payment late fee, you must sign up for the installment plan.
    • How much will the installment plan cost?
      If you sign up for an installment plan, a 10% down payment will be charged at the time of enrollment and payment will be processed against the chosen payment method at that time, in addition to any scheduled payment that is due according to the payment plan option you choose. There will be an additional $25 installment fee for plans enrolled in after the semester begins. All down payments will be processed immediately from the account provided during the enrollment process.
    • How often do I need to sign up for an installment plan?
      Each semester, if you do not wish to pay in full by the due date, have enough accepted financial aid, or do not have a third-party billing authorization, you must sign up for an installment plan. Because the installment plan is semester specific, you must sign up for a new installment plan each semester.
    • How will I be notified of my payment information?
      Once you have completed enrolling in an installment plan, you will receive a confirmation notification of your payment amount by email. The notification also serves as a reminder that a 10% down payment will be processed against the chosen payment method at that time.
    • How are payments made?
      Payments are made electronically by registering a checking account, savings account, or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) when enrolling in an installment plan. Completing the enrollment process for an installment plan authorizes NIC to withdraw a specific amount of funds according to a specific payment schedule from the payment method you provide.
    • If payments are made automatically from my bank account or processed to my credit card, does that mean NIC has direct access to my account?
      No one other than your own financial institution and you ever have access to your account. When you arrange to have an automatic payment, you have authorized a specific payment amount to be paid on a specific date by your financial institution.
    • What if I don't have a bank account or credit card?
      You must use a bank account or credit card to sign up for an installment plan. if you do not have a bank account or credit card and do not wish to open one, you may ask someone else (such as a parent or relative) for permission to use their account. If you choose ot use someone else's account, you can list that person as an authorized user. The authorized user can only see your billing and payment information.
    • How di I add an authorized user to my account?
      If you have designated or want to designate an authorized user to access and/or pay your bill, you will set up the authorized user through your MyNIC in the TouchNet Student Account Center under the authorized user tab.
    • What is an authorized user in TouchNet?
      As a student, you may authorize others (parents, guardians, employers, etc.) to view your billing information and/or pay bills on your behalf. The authorized user can only see your billing and payment information - all other student account information (classes, grades, etc.) is not visible by authorized users.
    • When will the payments be withdrawn from my bank account?
      If the payment plan option you choose requires a down payment, funds will automatically be withdrawn almost immediately from the account you provide. Subsequent payments for the monthly payment will be withdrawn by the due date. If the due date falls on a weekend or a banking holiday, it will be withdrawn on the following business day. Your financial institution determines the time of the day the payment is debited from your account. NIC recommends that you check with your financial institution to determine how far in advance funds should be deposited into your account to ensure that the automatic payment will clear.
    • What if I am notified that the scheduled payment on my payment plan failed, but it still says processing on my payment plan page?
      Once the scheduled payment date and time has passed, the TouchNet system will never attempt to pull the payment again. If you have received email notification that your payment has failed, please disregard "Processing" next to missed payment. You have five (5) days to make your missed payment before a $25.00 late fee is assessed. To make your missed payment in TouchNet, go to the Payment Plans tab, scroll to the bottom of the page and select pay next installment. If you prefer to pay in Student Accounts, please stop by during regular customer service hours.
    • Will NIC disclose my personal information to a third party?
      No. TouchNet acts as an agent for institutions in administering payment plans. It is the policy of TouchNet to protect all personal and financial information provided by all participants. TouchNet does not sell or share any nonpublic personal information or client lists to any third party, except as agreed to by you, or as may be necessary to complete a transaction in the ordinary course of business, or as required under an applicable law.
    • Why do I continually receive emails regarding my installment plan?
      Every time a credit or charge is posted to the student account, it results in a change to your payment amount and you will receive an email notification. If the message states that your new account balance is less than your old balance, this means that there has been a decrease in your balance due with the college (i.e. financial aid arrived, you dropped a course during the refund period, etc.). If the new account balance is greater than your old balance (i.e. a class was added or a change in residency was made), this means that your balance due with the college has increased, and you now owe additional funds.
    • Can I make a payment on my account balance outside of the scheduled payments in my installment plan?
      Yes. Any payments that you wish to make on your account balance may be made online or in-person at the Student Accounts Office.
    • Can I pay by phone?
      All installment plan payments are processed electronically according to your predetermined payment schedule. NIC does not accept payments by phone.
    • Who do I contact for help?
      Contact North Idaho College Student Accounts Office at (208) 769-3344 or through email at
  • General FAQs

    • Where do I find the Student Accounts Office/Cashier's Window?
      Services are located on the first floor of the Lee-Kildow Hall (114). Office hours are Monday - Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The office is open during the lunch hour.
    • When will I receive a bill (Statement of Account)?
      Your bill (Statement of Account) is always available through your MyNIC account. Paper bills will not be mailed. Your statement of account will give you the most up to date account balance. You may print a copy of your account information through your MyNIC Student Account Center by clicking on the expand arrow above the semester.
    • If I do not access MyNIC account, will my class schedule be cancelled?
      Students are responsible to pay their tuition on time whether they access their MyNIC or not. If you do not pay your tuition or setup a installment plan before the payment due date you will be assessed a $50 late payment fee. If you do not withdraw before the 100% refund deadline date, you will be liable for all charges whether you attended class or not.
    • What if there is an error on my account?
      First check to see that you are enrolled in the correct courses. If not make necessary drops or adds through your MyNIC → Student Planning. If you have problem dropping or adding classes, call the Registrar's Office at (208) 769-3320. If you are registered for the correct courses, email the Student Accounts Office.
    • Can my parents call and get my information?
      Under the Student Privacy Act (FERPA), the Student Accounts Office may not give any type of financial information to your parents without your written consent, regardless of who pays tuition. You have the ability to make one or more of your parents an authorized user through your TouchNet Student Account Center. It is up to you, the student, to give them the ability to check your account.
    • How do I apply for financial aid? You must apply for financial aid online at For questions regarding financial aid, please call (208) 769-3368.
    • I just applied for financial aid and tuition is now due. I want a deferment.
      If you have just applied, but have not yet been awarded, you may still take advantage of our installment plan. We do not grant deferments for pending financial aid. Your tuition must be paid on time regardless of financial aid status. To help families eliminate the debt of borrowing loans for collect, NIC does offer a number of installment plans. To apply, please refer to the payment plan tab through your Student Account Center.
    • What if I am waiting for grants and/or loans but have no money now?
      Your tuition must be paid on time regardless of financial aid status.
    • Can my financial aid be used as the down payment for the installment plan?
      No. The installment plan down payment is required at the time that you enroll in the plan. Any financial aid you receive will reduce the balance of your payment plan.
    • I never attended class, will be dropped automatically?
      It is the responsibility of the student to officially drop any class(es) he or she is not attending. NIC does take attendance within the first two weeks and drops anyone not attending at that time. If you attend even one day, you will be liable for the charges.
    • If I drop a course, will I get a refund?
      Dropping Individual Courses...
      You may receive a 100% refund if courses are dropped by the posted date in the academic calendar (Fall and Spring semesters). No refund will be issued for individual courses that are dropped after the posted date. Late start/short term classes need to be dropped five days after the class starts for a refund.
      Total Withdrawal...
      You may receive a 100% refund of resident and non-resident fees for total withdrawal of all courses by the posted refund date. All official withdrawals must be made through your MyNIC.
      If You Received Financial Aid...
      If you drop courses during the refund period, you will receive a refund if you did NOT receive financial aid. Refunds are applied first to any financial aid source the student received. After the financial aid portion is adjusted a refund disbursement will be issued if there is a credit balance remaining.
    • How do I make a total withdrawal from NIC?
      An official withdrawal must be made through your MyNIC. A stop payment placed on a check or credit card does not constitute withdrawal from NIC and the student will be responsible for fees resulting from the stop payment.
    • When are refunds (non-financial aid) disbursed? Can I pick it up?
      Refunds are disbursed through TouchNet starting on the third Friday of the semester for financial aid purposes. All refunds are disbursed once a week throughout the rest of the semester.
    • My work schedule changed and I want to drop the class. What do I do?
      You must follow the procedures for dropping a class through your MyNIC. Refunds are only granted during the refund periods. If you are dripping the class after the refund period, you will not receive a refund. NIC is sympathetic to any student who has to drop a class(es), but the refund periods are strictly followed.
    • I am unhappy with the class I am taking (for whatever reason) and I want a refund.
      You must follow the procedures for dropping a class through your MyNIC. Refunds are only granted during the refund periods. If you are dripping the class after the refund period, you will not receive a refund. You must speak to the Division Chair of the respective department with complaints relating to class content, instruction, etc.
    • I dropped out of school and had a zero balance. Why do I owe money now?
      If you received financial aid, you are required by federal law to return any funds you did not earn because you didn't attend the whole semester (i.e. for every day you attend you earn a percentage of the financial aid you received). Contact the Student Accounts Office and we will let you know why you owe.
    • Under what circumstances are refunds granted if I file a Hardship Refund form with the Student Accounts Office.
      Refunds are granted when circumstances beyond the control of the student prevents the student from attending all courses. Examples include medical reasons, induction into the U.S. Armed Forces, death of spouse, child, parent or legal guardian. You must be completely withdrawn PRIOR to submitting a request.
    • How much do I pay?How do I pay?When do I pay?
      For detailed answers to these questions please visit our "payments" page.
    • My registration window isn't for another two weeks but I want to know how much I will owe for next semester now.
      You may get an estimated cost for the upcoming semester using our new Tuition and Fees table. Students who already registered may receive an up-to-date balance due on their MyNIC account at any time.
    • Can I pay for tuition with a credit card even though I don't have my child's username and password for MyNIC?
      Username and Password must be used when accessing the MyNIC systems for payment. However, you can use your credit card to make a payment by coming to the Student Account Office, which does not require a student's pin number or by downloading and completing the Payment by Fax form. The student has the option to give the parent access to their student account by making them an authorized user through their TouchNet Student Account Center.
    • What if I don't pay on time?
      NIC reserves the right to charge a $50 late payment fee for any student that has not paid his or her tuition in full by the payment deadline. NIC also reserves the right to de-register any student who has not paid his or her tuition in full by the due dates.
    • What if I don't pay?
      You must pay your tuition or face additional penalties and avoid being placed with a collection agency.
    • I paid by credit or debit card. Why does it still say I owe money?
      Your card may have been declined by your bank or your credit card company. Generally it is because the amount you were charging was above your bank's daily debit limit. Speak with your bank. If that's the reason it was declined, you can go back onto your MyNIC and pay using the correct limits. If you are an international student and there is no problem with your limit, please bring your card into the Student Accounts Office. Generally these cards will not be approved by the bank unless we have the card in our physical possession at the time of the request.
    • What happens if my tuition payment check bounces?
      NIC reserves the right to cancel your classes due to non-payment. If your payment is returned for non-sufficient funds, you will be assessed a $25 NSF fee. Please be aware it is illegal to write a check on non-sufficient funds (NSF). These return checks are treated seriously by the Student Accounts Office. If anyone wrote a check on non-sufficient funds for your student account, Student Accounts will not accept a check for any future payments.
    • I have some special circumstances. Who do I speak to?
      If for some reason you are not able to pay your tuition, you may come by the Student Accounts Office to discuss your options. This must be done before tuition payments are due. A personal appointment must be made. As most financial information is confidential, your options and circumstances will not be discussed over the phone. All information submitted is completely confidential.
    • The instructor does not show me in his class.
      You must contact the Registrar's Office immediately at (208) 769-3320. It is imperative that you speak to them immediately.
    • I dropped the class but received an "F".
      You must immediately contact the Registrar's Office. You may have to appeal to Academic Standards to have the "F" grade removed from your record. At a minimum, you will need a letter from the instructor on NIC letterhead that you never attended the course.
    • I can't register and it says to contact Student Accounts.
      Registrations are held if a student owes NIC money. Email the Student Accounts Office with your student ID number stating you have a hold. We will tell you exactly why you are on hold and what department to contact to have the hold cleared.
    • I didn't get my grades. The Registrar's Office says they are on hold.
      An unofficial transcript is available when owing a balance to NIC. You will be unable to receive an official grade transcript until payment in full. Email the Student Accounts Office with your student ID number stating you have a hold. We will tell you exactly why you are on hold and what department to contact to have the hold cleared.