NIC Philosophy Club

"No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself."
   -- Friedrich Nietzsche

Good job NIC Philosophy Students! 

Read about our four students who delivered papers at the Pacific University's Student Phil. Conf. last April.

Mission Statement

We desire to promote philosophical thought at NIC by giving students opportunities to reform and express their own ideas and opinions on personally and socially relevant topics.

Upcoming Club Events

For the 2015 Fall Semester, the club will meet every Wednesday at noon.  (Cougar Bay Rm in SUB lower level) 

If you're interested in joining, just show up to one of our meetings. (If you do come to a meeting, don't forget to give us your email address so we can put you on our email list.)

Fall Semester Dates in History

Aug. 19: Pascal deceased 1662
Aug. 25: Nietzsche deceased 1900; Hume deceased 1776
Aug. 27: Hegel born 1770
Aug. 28: Augustine deceased 430
Aug. 29: Locke born 1632
Sept. 21: Schopenhauer deceased 1860
Oct. 15: Nietzsche born 1844
Oct. 28: Locke born 1704
Nov. 7: Camus born 1913
Nov. 11: Kierkegaard deceased 1855
Nov. 13: Augustine born 354
Nov. 14: Liebniz deceased 1716; Hegel deceased 1831
Nov. 24: Spinoza born 1632

If you would like to be added to the club's email list or if you just have questions about the club, please contact Jeremiah Serrell ( or Kara Burnham (