Our Charitable Mission

The North Idaho College Foundation is a non-profit charitable corporation and was founded in 1977 to provide a focused effort to encourage private support for the academic mission of North Idaho College.  The foundation strives to enhance available capital for student scholarships, educational facilities, programs and projects that would not be funded through traditional sources of support.

All proceeds from the Really BIG Raffle stay at North Idaho College.  Last year, with the help of our community supporters, the foundation was able to raise nearly $200,000 through the Really BIG Raffle fundraiser. Each year the foundation commits $55,000 of the Really BIG Raffle proceeds to the NIC faculty and staff grant program. Through this process, instructors and staff submit their most needed requests for their area of expertise.  A review board then looks over the grant submissions and selects the requests that they feel would be the most beneficial to the students and college as a whole.

About the Project

North Idaho College is proud to have one of the areas most well respected Carpentry Programs, offering students the opportunity to earn a certificate for the one year program, or continue on for an associates degree in Carpentry Management.  Second year students pursuing a degree in Carpentry Management gain experience through student participation in the construction and management of the NIC Foundation's Really BIG Raffle house. The students enrolled in these programs have the unique opportunity to learn skills in a real world environment, one of the many benefits of the Really BIG Raffle. Like so many of the technical degrees at North Idaho College, the Carpentry Management Technology degree greatly impacts the future of these graduates as they attain the skills they need to be successful employees, managers and business owners in our community. Support of the raffle from community members provides the funding necessary for this program to continue.

The students are responsible for all of the carpentry work on the raffle home under the supervision of the instructor Dave McRae. Other construction work such as plumbing, drywall, and heating is subcontracted out to local businesses or donated to the project.

As the home nears completion, the NIC Foundation begins its part in selling raffle tickets to community supporters. The revenue from ticket sales covers the costs of the program and additional proceeds are returned to the most needed areas of the college.

How You Can Change a Life

In addition to selling raffle tickets, the foundation also accepts gifts of cash, securities, real estate, non-cash gifts, and project sponsorship.  Our named scholarship endowment level has a low minimum investment of $5,000.  A great way to memorialize a loved one or promote a business, the endowed scholarship gives you the flexibility to set scholarship criteria for they type of student you wish to support.  The foundation also offers a wide range of estate planning options, from a simple bequeath to setting up an intricate trust that pays out income or avoids taxes on your estate.

The Foundation menu on our website outlines more details on general giving.  If you find that you need further information, please call us at (208) 769-5978.