Frequently Asked Questions

Please call (208) 769-3271 or email if you have additional questions.


Q: What is the cost of a ticket and how many tickets can I purchase? [Back to Top]
A: Tickets are $100 each and there are no limits on how many tickets you can purchase.

Q: How many tickets are sold? [Back to Top]
A: Only 5,500 tickets are available. The drawing will take place as long as a minimum of 3,200 tickets are sold. Tickets have sold out every year for 24 years.

Q: Can I pool my cash with friends to buy a ticket? [Back to Top]
A: Yes, you can buy single or multiple tickets with friends and split the winnings. Be sure to include every participant's name on the ticket. The names listed will have legal rights to any winnings. The details involved in splitting the winnings will be the sole responsibility of the winners.

Q: What is the process if I buy online, phone or mail? [Back to Top]
A: Idaho residents may order tickets by mailing a check, ordering on our website or can charge by phone and have tickets mailed to them. Tickets are usually processed within 5 business days of receiving payment. Ticket stubs are mailed to the address you have listed on the ticket unless otherwise specified.

Q: Do I have to be an Idaho resident to participate? [Back to Top]
A: Anyone can participate in the raffle, but tickets can not be mailed across state lines due to state gambling regulations. To purchase by phone, web or mail, you must physically be in Idaho at the time of purchase and have the tickets mailed to an Idaho address.  If you cannot meet these requirements, please purchase a ticket at one of the outlets listed on our website.  An Idaho resident may also purchase tickets for an out of state friend at any of our ticket venues.

Q: Why can't I buy by mail or phone if I live in Washington? [Back to Top]
A: Each state has different gambling regulations. Tickets cannot be mailed across state lines according to Washington laws. Buying a Really BIG Raffle ticket is similar to buying a lottery ticket due to the chance of winning a prize.  Please stop by one of our outlets during your next trip into Idaho.

Q: Do I have to be present at the drawing to win? [Back to Top]
A: No, you do not need to be present to win a major prize. Winners who are not present are phoned after the event and may claim prizes on a later date. We do have a special drawing for attendees called the Bonus Prize Drawing. To enter the Bonus Prize drawing you must come to the event and drop in the Bonus Stub from your ticket to be eligible.

Q: How does the Early Bird Drawing work? [Back to Top]
A: To qualify you must purchase your ticket on or before April 30, 2018. The 2018 early bird prizes are (2) $1,000 Costco gift cards. The Early Bird winner will be drawn and announced at the main drawing.

Q: What is the Bonus Prize Stub on my ticket for? [Back to Top]
A: The Bonus Prize is for attendees of the drawing. You must be present at the drawing to participate in this special drawing. To enter simply bring the Bonus Stub on the end of your ticket to the drawing and drop it in the bin before 7pm the night of the drawing. You must claim your bonus prize at the event. Bonus prizes vary each year and are typically valued at $100 or less.

Q: What are the car, boat and other major prizes? [Back to Top]
A: For 2018 we have four other major prizes with the following values: $20,000, $10,000, $3,500, and $2,000. Winners may apply the cash value to the purchase(s) of their choice. Prizes cannot be awarded in cash, however the amounts may be applied towards any item(s) available at a retail establishment. 

Q: Where is the house located and when are the open houses? [Back to Top]
A: The house is located at 551 E Penrose, Post Falls. Open houses are scheduled for May 20, June 3 and June 17 from noon until 4 p.m.

Q: When and where is the drawing held? [Back to Top]
A: The house raffle will take place on July 18, 2018 at 7pm at the Ft. Sherman Park on the south end of the North Idaho College campus in Coeur d'Alene. Audited tickets are placed in a drawing bin and winners are manually selected by a third party auditor from a certified accounting firm.

Q: How will I know if I have won a prize? [Back to Top]
A: Winners will be drawn publicly on July 18, 2018 at 7pm. Those not present will be phoned immediately after the event. Names of winners are also listed on the website and on our hotline after the drawing.

Q: What is the last date I can purchase a ticket? [Back to Top]
A: Tickets are limited at 5,500. Tickets are available on a first come first serve basis and typically sell out in June.

Q: Where can I buy a ticket in person? [Back to Top]
A: Tickets are available now at the NIC Foundation office located on campus in the Sherman Building, room 106.  Tickets are also sold through our outlets from February through June where they accept cash or check payments only. Additionally, during the months of May and June tickets can be purchased at the open houses. Please ensure you are buying an official Really BIG Raffle ticket by purchasing only from one of the outlets listed on our website.

Q: Who is the builder of the home? [Back to Top]
A: The home is built by the North Idaho College Carpentry students as a hands on construction project under the supervision of the Carpentry Instructor. Local subcontractors are also used for many aspects of the building process.

Q: How are the proceeds of the raffle used? [Back to Top]
A: The proceeds from the raffle are used for student scholarships, technology and program needs across campus.

Q: Can my ticket purchase be claimed as a tax deduction? [Back to Top]
A: No, the IRS has ruled that a raffle ticket is not tax deductible, but you should check with your tax advisor for additional information.

Q:  What costs are the home winner responsible for?

A: The winner must take possession of the house as soon as possible after the drawing, but no later than 9/30/18. In order to transfer title the winner must satisfy all state and federal income tax implications from winning the home. Just prior to the drawing, the NIC Foundation has the home appraised by a third party to establish the prize value. The federal tax burden is approximately 28% of the value of the prize value. For example, a home with an appraised value of $300,000 at the time of draw will create an approximate $84,000 tax due. This amount can be financed through a small mortgage on the home.  At closing the NIC Foundation pays closing fees, property taxes, and dues through the closing date.  Once the home is transferred, the winner is responsible for all future taxes and expenses typical of home ownership.

Q: How can I receive written information about the raffle? [Back to Top]
A: Click here to join our mailing list. We send out two brochures each year that detail the aspects of the Really BIG Raffle and include a convenient mail-in order form. If you have purchased a ticket in the past two years you will automatically receive these mailings.