Village Project
Continuous Enrollment Initiative

EATS Fall 2014


Tyler FavorOverview

The North Idaho College Village Project is dedicated to providing the assistance that students need to reach their educational goals. The program was developed from research that proves students are much more successful when they are involved in a program like the Village Project. Students who participate in the Village Project have a better chance to stay in school, complete their educational goals, and have higher GPAs. Together, we are building a village engaged in student success.

"The program helps students feel right at home during their first year of college. It is by far the best way to go. I couldn’t have done it without them."
- Tyler Favor, NIC student

Best Practices

Students who participate in the Village Project:

  • Are connected with a learning community who are enrolled in the same series of classes taught by instructors specially selected for NIC’s Village Project.
  • Jonathan FreyParticipate in classes designed to teach them both academic and life skills that help them reach their goals.
  • Benefit from a peer mentor who can offer help, support, and knowledge of NIC resources to ensure student success.
  • Are assigned an advisor who is engaged in their academic success. Advisors intervene at the earliest possible point to support students with their needs for academic and/or personal issues.
  • Receive extra help with all the processes of going to college.

"College is hard. College will stretch you. In my class, I’ll ask you to read lots of difficult texts, to write lots of challenging essays. I’ll ask you to make sophisticated connections between ideas. It’s hard work. It may hurt a little. But far more of the students in my classes are derailed by life circumstances than by academics. That’s because the hardest work of college is the task of balancing it all. The Village Project is set up to help you strike that balance so that you’re in a position to take the fullest advantage of what college offers. You’ll get out of college what you put into it, and the Village Project will help you put more into it."
- Jonathan Frey, NIC Instructor

Funding for the Village Project is provided by the J. A. & Kathryn Albertson Foundation. The North Idaho College Village Project is part of the Continuous Enrollment Initiative.